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The New Face of Wonder, Meant to Inspire Us All

Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson.

Now that I have your attention, prepare yourself for the reality that they are your parents. Well, not literally your reality, but that these two are parents in the cinematic reality for the new film Wonder. The two acclaimed actors, for similar and different reasons, play the part of parents to a young boy (Jacob Tremblay).

Quick note: The casting of Wonder is incredible.

From the trailer (seen below), the characters portrayed by Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson have a young son who has endured scarring plastic surgery that resulted in an improved, yet still slightly disfigured face.

In other words, the son is different.

And in elementary school (and middle school…and high school…and so on…), people who act and appear differently face challenges that can paralyze all things social. For anybody who has felt or feels that way, Lionsgate Movies has produced a film that will inspire new wonder to your world.

This movie is set to take off into a heartwarming galaxy when it hits theaters this November.

RIP Garry Marshall

He was one of the good guys in Hollywood.

Garry Marshall, the beloved TV creator, producer and movie director, has died at 81 years of age. He was the man behind Happy Days, The Odd Couple, Pretty Woman, Beaches and many other popular films. A few of these movies (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Mother’s Day) featured fun, interweaving story lines with star-studded casts. The phrase “star-studded casts” was no exaggeration.

And the actors and actresses in his films always performed well because Garry wanted them to perform well.

Garry Marshall was one of the good guys in Hollywood.

RIP Garry Marshall.

This is a Little Random…

Is it random to celebrate a day of randomness when it’s on the calendar?

Either way, any day filled with randomness is a great day.

February 17, 2016 is, in fact, “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” The greatest part about this occasion is that the simplest of gestures can make all the difference for someone. We all have those days and it’s incredible what a spontaneous spark of goodness can do for us. That flicker is just what we need, like happily looking at a birthday candle being lit.

How about we do something randomly nice every day of the year?

It would actually be pretty random since nobody would see it coming.

An Idea for a Super Premiere

Moore, Oklahoma will never be the same after the EF-5 tornado tore through with unfathomable destruction. But, the people and community will heal in time. They are proving to be extraordinarily resilient and they will rebuild, despite the fact the memories of this tragedy will never simply be seen in a rear-view mirror. Still, it will get better. And yet, what would probably help at this point, beyond treasure chest after treasure chest of money and comfort for the people who lost everything, including loved ones, are perhaps a few little glimmers of inspiration and help for afar.

The clean-up and rehabilitation of the town will be non-stop for years. In the midst of all that is occurring, I have a suggestion for something to take place about three-three and a half weeks from today. I propose that Warner Bros. and everybody involved (cast, crew, director, producers, marketers, studio heads, etc.) in “Man of Steel” visit Moore, Oklahoma for a weekend and help in any way possible. This would involve cleaning, building, searching, consoling and anything and everything that the town needs. In one area would be director Zack Snyder lifting heavy metal of a store with members of the community to producer Christopher Nolan helping to clean up a street unrecognizable now to families to Amy Adams and the ‘man of steel’ himself Henry Cavill moving rubble and offering comfort to families (especially children) in another area. This pattern of generosity would be widespread throughout the entire area affected by the tornado.

People helping people.

Then, on the night the highly anticipated movie was scheduled to premiere to the world, Warner Bros. would bring in a giant projection screen to a cleared field or area where everybody from Moore, Oklahoma, its many outside helpers and the actors, producers, writers, grips, executives, etc. would disperse throughout the crowd to watch on blankets and/or grandstand seats to watch “Man of Steel” for the first time anywhere in the world. There would be complimentary popcorn, drinks, food, you name it with “Man of Steel” packaging. If this weekend and movie premiere could offer the people of the tornado-ravaged community time to temporarily escape from their reality, then it would be a success.

It’s important to note that this event would not be publicized to the public before it occurs, but secretly arranged between the studio and the local government. In essence, it would be a complete surprise for the citizens of Moore, Oklahoma!

Movies are meant, in part, to offer the audience a time to escape, dream and to be inspired. Maybe what the men, women and children in this town needs is Superman. The character of Clark Kent was raised in the Midwest. In many ways, he’s the perfect superhero/savior for this community right now. This event could also give them some assurance that they are not alone and that people for all over do care well beyond the few days of initial media coverage by the networks.

To “Man of Steel” & Warner Bros.: Even if only for a day or two…even if only for a couple of hours, show the people of Moore, Oklahoma the new movie of the greatest superhero of all-time…all the while showing them what hope and spreading goodness to our fellow men, women and children looks like off the big screen.

“It’s not an ‘S.’ On my world, it means hope.”

P.S. A super big check would be a nice gesture as well! “The Clark Kent School” sounds pretty cool!

Or, just put the the Superman “S” on the front of a rebuilt school. How’s that for inspiration.