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Leaving No Stone Unturned in Yellowstone

Is Yellowstone–the new original TV show from the new Paramount Network–a modern-day version of Dallas with grit, realism, and Kevin Costner?

Sure seems like it.

And that’s ok because, based on the writer, the show will work through and suffer through and eventually settle into something truly memorable and honest.

While it’s impossible to achieve the rating bonanza that Dallas struck during its original run in the ’70s and ’80s, Kevin Costner portraying a rancher in Yellowstone earns comparable marks for casting…thus far. Add in Wes Bentley, Gil Birmingham, Luke Grimes and rising star Kelsey Chow for a solid cast.

Time will tell, likely well beyond the first season, as to whether the show lives up to its hype. The gifted writer of acclaimed films with similar dynamics, a cast that supports the star (and then some), plus a part of the country serving as a wide-open setting for wide-open storylines is building up to something wild, yet somehow contained by the skin of everyone’s teeth with that beaten-down, albeit sturdy perimeter fence.

Will Yellowstone ever reach the level of brilliance and relevance of the cinematic western masterpiece Unforgiven? No.

But it can be forgiven for that.

P.S. An unforgettable trip to the perfectly picturesque, snow-covered Yellowstone National Park around 17 years ago sparked immediate intrigue in this show for me, which included snowmobiling around that park. There are wild stakes in that wild country. If the show is anything like my vacation with my dad, his best friend from college and his son, then this should be one hell of a great ride. 


A Joint Separation

Do you know what an elbow dislocation feels like?

Sadly, I do.

While playing in a soccer game last night, an opposing player slammed into me when I cut with the ball to the inside, forcing me a bit into the air. I then landed really hard and awkwardly on my right arm. Pain and an all-too-familiar tingling feeling from when I broke my right arm as a kid rushed in.

Excruciating discomfort is only chapter one in this painful novel.

What made the situation worse was the punk who recklessly tackled me did not apologize or check to see if I was okay while I lay on the ground. He was in the wrong and knew it, but refused to admit it or say sorry and was upset at me for being legitimately upset about it.

I think his last name was Clinton.

Without divulging all the subsequent details, a sling is now holding my right arm in place as I literally type this sentence and entire blog post with my left hand. I just hope the next week will result in a much-improved situation, as my doctor predicts.

And now, my new style role model.

(Den of Geek)

(Den of Geek)

These days, a bodyguard seems like a good investment.

Top of the Seventh

“As a celebration of the magic of movies involving baseball, at least one scene from a different film will be posted each day for the next nine days…”
—From “Top of the First” March 28th

As noted earlier regarding the absence of a third inning, the bottom of the sixth has also turned out to be rather monotonous. Onward we continue to the top of the seventh.

There is an “it” factor with Kevin Costner. People are instantly drawn to him on the silver screen and are naturally curious about the characters he plays. Costner is convincing whether portraying an ex-Secret Service agent who was assigned to protect the President of the United States or a farmer in the cornfields of Iowa. Speaking of the latter, be sure to go see, “Man of Steel” on June 14th as Costner portrays Jonathan Kent. One of the first trailers released even featured a voice-over by Mr. Kent, in which he gives a few words of wisdom to his super son.

Click below and experience the pure power of the now famous, albeit perplexing, seven words that forever changed Ray Kinsella’s life. A “Field of Dreams” indeed!

James Earl Jones added his timber with a grand speech of his own.

Bottom of the Second

“As a celebration of the magic of movies involving baseball, at least one scene from a different film will be posted each day for the next nine days…”
—From “Top of the First” March 28th

Kevin Costner is one of the few actors who warrants a “must see” quality about his films. His movies range from investigating the assassination of JFK to being hired as the bodyguard to a pop sensation to some dancing with wolves… lots of ‘dancing’ (in fact, 4 hours worth!). Plus, we cannot forget about his Apple commercial. Like the product, pure genius.

Any great collection of baseball movies and classic scenes has to star Kevin Costner at least once.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the incomparable Kevin Costner…or should I say “Crash” Davis.