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A Sequel With a Capital ‘S’?

In the superhero-saturated era in which DC and Marvel are actively competing over cinematic world domination–no hyperbole–there are certain characters that resonate far beyond the walls of dark movie theaters, as well as reviews on Rotten Tomatoes before opening weekend. There are some superheroes that represent something bigger and something profound.

Thankfully, a real person who portrays one of these fictional superheroes understands this critically powerful reality during a recent interview whilst promoting Mission: Impossible – Fallout.

The rumor mill will continue to run as to whether there will be or when the world will see a direct ‘Man of Steel’ sequel. Having said that, Henry Cavill speaking publicly in support of a follow-up film with Clark Kent disposition is great news.

This 2013 film starring Henry Cavill as the title character had a Christopher Reeve-esque final scene accompanied by an exhilarating Hans Zimmer composition. It’s my belief that a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel in the spirit to the one envisioned by Mr. Cavill in the video above is precisely what is needed–and what has been expected–for several generations of Superman fans.

Coupled with the success of ‘Wonder Woman,’ a ‘Man of Steel’ sequel would genuinely help redefine what uplifting superhero movies can and should be in the modern era.


New York’s Twin Arches

Sometimes, a picture is worth more than words can describe.



“A rainbow appeared over New York City the day before 9/11, and many noted that it appeared to emerge from the World Trade Center site, where the Twin Towers were felled by terrorists in 2001.”
—Nick Sanchez, Newsmax

September 11, 2001 began as a serene Tuesday morning that quickly turned into one of the darkest days in American history.

The world changed forever.

Fourteen years later, the New York skyline and the Pentagon still reveal unthinkable images of gigantic planes crashing into buildings, causing destruction and fire with billowing clouds of smoke, brave people running for cover and heroes running into danger. It’s difficult to put into words what we all felt that day, including the personal connections to people in those cities and on those flights that day.

And those who were almost there.

The awe-inspiring picture above (showcasing one of nature’s best tricks) doesn’t heal the pain from September 11, 2001. However, after so many years, still with a feeling that it just happened, it does offer a small glimmer (and sign) of hope for the future as a rare double-rainbow shines over New York City with the One World Trade Center and an American flag perfectly in frame.

Never Forget.

Do You See What I See?

It’s astonishing.

The image is the exact same, and yet my eyes see it transform into something new every time I look at it for a few seconds. Is my mind playing tricks on me or am I seeing precisely what I should be seeing? What’s going on?

One day, it’s a wise old man. The next week it’s definitely a desert creature. “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” just popped into my head. Not one of its countless comedic moments, but the most emotional scene of the entire series between Will Smith and his Dad.

The background is now leaping into the foreground and vice versa. There it hangs in its strong black frame, with its white background and bold colored shapes of blue, green, red, yellow and black trying to define itself, but with a gentle fluidity that allows it to change upon fresh glance.

Art is frustratingly ambiguous on Monday and magically inspiring on Saturday morning. The artist clearly painted with great intent with his brush strokes. Still, a new viewer will all but certainly have a varying view of the artist’s proposed meaning when compared to someone who has looked at it before for some time. The painting has a unique story to each observer.

Anyways, I was driving by the Columbus Commons during lunch on Monday, alongside the construction of the new apartments. The apartments look like they should be a fantastic addition to a growing metropolitan area. Conversely, the opposite side of the street looks depressed, lonely and void of any hope or acknowledgement. In the past when I’ve driven past this same stretch, the sight of it has just been flat out sad with the same worn, aged, dirty store fronts. I wonder what it used to look and be like?

That is until, while driving past this area, a song that was playing in my CD player (yes, some people still buy CD’s) sparked a flurry of imaginative ideas for what this strip could look like. All of a sudden, flashes of bustling small local shops mixed with a big-name brand here and there electrified my mind with images of smiling faces, adults and children alike, proudly parading the street with a new sense of optimism and happiness. This picture lasted only a few seconds, but it was undeniably vivid.

I’m no architect (nope, I’m no Ted Mosby or George Costanza), but perhaps that’s not who those old buildings need right now. Maybe what that side of the street needs is someone to stop, pause and take a long, uninterrupted look on a Saturday morning.

Happy Monday!

Be optimistic that today won’t be just another ordinary Monday…

Have a Great Week…hopefully, with a surprise or two!