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Happy Monday!

Mondays are not fun. That’s just the way it is. It picked the short straw. However, despite its lifelong misfortune and frustrating, unreversible reputation, there are always opportunities to find something good on this day.

This discovery just might include a random card filled with good wishes of positivity from a certain kind of wonderful mom.

The source of this discovery may come from famed actor Will Smith, who is relentlessly positive. He is relentlessly positive about inspiring perfect strangers (beyond Larry Appleton & Balki) and he is relentlessly determined about…

That’s why Will Smith is forever known as the fresh prince.


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Martin Luther King Jr. changed the way generations of Americans dream. And as millions of us honor Dr. King’s powerful legacy of peace today, his civil rights message defined by the words “I have a dream…” will continue to inspire the many generations to come. When faced with troubles, personal and societal, Dr. King is a popular reference in finding the motivation to succeed.

Exhibit A I Have a Dream:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s life tragically ended far too soon at age 39. However, we can take solace in knowing his legacy lives on.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

An Old School Story

Will Ferrell with a tiger face painted on is enough to get anyone’s attention.

But wait! If you keep watching and reading, there’s more!

Off the wall and goofy? Yes. Funny and entertaining? Yes.

But inspiring? Also yes.

I, like you, am still hoping that Will Ferrell will pull a similar prank at a Home Depot…on a Saturday, of course. And, if there’s time, he’d venture over to a nearby store.

Rest assured, if his professor friend is with him, then there would definitely be time for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

When There’s Something Inspiring in Your Neighborhood

Superheroes, sports heroes and a Greek gyro:

One of these doesn’t belong when it comes to being a popular Halloween costume for kids.

(Hint: There’s no trick here, but there most certainly is a treat).

Kids from coast-to-coast dressed up last night for trick-or-treat, bringing smiles to the faces of parents, candy-supplied neighbors and the children themselves. Halloween is a wonderful occasion that sparks the imagination of young minds to have fun dreaming big and thinking creatively with the certainty of ending up with a pumpkin shaped basket or pillow case full of the best candy that lasts, oh…about a couple hours.

There are always some very clever costumes on this most special of nights, but there was one that topped them all this year.

This kid’s costume came, was seen and kicked Halloween’s ass!

(Ghostbusters reference)