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Perfect Friends

Will Smith + Jimmy Fallon in a sing-along =

This Tonight Show segment just took “Flashback Friday” to the next-level. And these two buddies may have inadvertently created a new sitcom in a matter of minutes by simply singing together:

Perfect Friends.

Thankfully, Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon aren’t strangers. If they were, the “History of TV Theme Songs” would have never happened.

But they are friends, pals, and even a confidant when needed.


Must Be TV’s Moment, Again

The double positive that’s bred a negative that may evolve into a positive sign of a clearer picture to come to the liking of a certain show’s fans…?

’90s sitcom hit Will & Grace is back on NBC and it’s already been renewed for a second season. That’s the first positive. The next positive is that this second round of success for the original cast, writers, directors and crew members of Will & Grace is forcing its fellow “Must See TV” shows of yester-decade to think about a comeback, however brief.

Enter Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander from a very recent interview.

Yes, we (and the cast and writers) know all the complaints about the infamous Seinfeld series finale. Cognizant of this reality, Larry David wrote up a clever non-reunion reunion of Seinfeld on his second hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO several years ago. It was fantastic, which begs the question as to why the famous four-some (well, five-some) would risk their successful redo for the unknown on NBC? There’s no serious reason to do a reboot. However, Larry David’s comedic stock is at an all-time high right now…

A return to network primetime for Seinfeld, in whatever capacity, wouldn’t be nothing.

Prediction: If the seemingly impossible happens and Seinfeld returns to NBC, ladies and gentlemen, expect the Soaring Nineties to make a comeback like it’s never been imagined before.

Except by NBC. Because, you know, that pesky thing called “ratings.”

Will’s Coming Back…with Grace

A must see revival is in the works.

“NBC has ordered a 10-episode limited revival that will reunite stars Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally during the 2017-2018 TV season, the network announced at the Television Critics Association’s press tour on Wednesday.

Original series creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan will act as showrunners and executive producers, while prolific director James Burrows, who directed every episode of the show during its initial eight-year run, is on board to direct and executive produce.”
–Natalie Abrams, Entertainment Weekly

This kind of return for Will & Grace may combine the best of both worlds:

Satisfying fans of the revered sitcom with a return of the original cast and crew, as well as making the updated walk down memory lane a limited comeback as to not overstay their welcome that’s powered almost entirely by nostalgia (you’ve seen those hilarious reruns on TV).

Recreating lightning in a bottle has proven to be a nearly impossible feat, even for beloved sitcoms of the same era as Will & Grace (ie – Girl Meets World, Fuller House, the Seinfeld non-reunion reunion). The one difference with Will & Grace is that the cast were full-fledged adults during the height of their success and impeccable comedic timing…and the cast of Will & Grace are still full-fledged adults who proved their timing is still gold with their recent reunion in a video posted online a few months back.

Amazingly, the structure of their triumphant return to network TV on NBC by way of a 10-episode stint is, ironically, modeled after the highly successful cable television model of 10-episode seasons for some of the most successful and groundbreaking TV shows in the modern era.

This experiment by NBC, a TV network clearly aware of the evolving realities, struggles and competition with the likes of HBO, Netflix, Amazon, original shows by Apple (really) and a laundry list of cable TV networks, could become a bellwether for the future of revivals regarding other popular shows from the past that people want to see years later.

Frasier? Cheers? Dare I say it…Friends?

For Ted Danson’s sake, a 10-episode revival would put him in an actual good place on NBC.

Some People Never Partied Like It Was 1999

Remarkably similar to fiction…

Watching the Dallas Cowboys take a late fourth quarter lead (8 points, 17-9) in Minnesota against the Vikings instantly made me think of the frustrated home fans. More specifically, the stunned Viking fans instantly made me think of the most famous (albeit pretend) die-hard Vikings fan who was always accustomed to heartbreak as a citizen of Minneapolis.

Some people laugh at characters, situations and goofy storylines in sitcoms as mere foolish fiction with no basis in reality. However, as the clip above proved, TV and film has a strange power of being surprisingly prescient to future events (to varying degrees).

Just ask the Chicago Cubs and the writers of Back to the Future Part II.

Final Score: Dallas Cowboys 17 -15 Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis.