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Must Be TV’s Moment, Again

The double positive that’s bred a negative that may evolve into a positive sign of a clearer picture to come to the liking of a certain show’s fans…?

’90s sitcom hit Will & Grace is back on NBC and it’s already been renewed for a second season. That’s the first positive. The next positive is that this second round of success for the original cast, writers, directors and crew members of Will & Grace is forcing its fellow “Must See TV” shows of yester-decade to think about a comeback, however brief.

Enter Seinfeld’s Jason Alexander from a very recent interview.

Yes, we (and the cast and writers) know all the complaints about the infamous Seinfeld series finale. Cognizant of this reality, Larry David wrote up a clever non-reunion reunion of Seinfeld on his second hit show Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO several years ago. It was fantastic, which begs the question as to why the famous four-some (well, five-some) would risk their successful redo for the unknown on NBC? There’s no serious reason to do a reboot. However, Larry David’s comedic stock is at an all-time high right now…

A return to network primetime for Seinfeld, in whatever capacity, wouldn’t be nothing.

Prediction: If the seemingly impossible happens and Seinfeld returns to NBC, ladies and gentlemen, expect the Soaring Nineties to make a comeback like it’s never been imagined before.

Except by NBC. Because, you know, that pesky thing called “ratings.”

A Picture About Nothing?

A Meeting About Nothing?

What Year Is It?
(NY Daily News)

Worlds are colliding!

Yes, that is Jason Alexander (ie-George Costanza) and Jerry Seinfeld walking into Tom’s Restaurant in New York City, which was renamed “Monk’s Cafe” for the sitcom favorite Seinfeld. Not only were they spotted at this Upper West Side eatery, but they did so in classic George and Jerry attire. 

For the record: this photograph is real and it’s fantastic!

But why the nostalgic get together with cameras filming inside?

That appears to be question on everyone’s mind. That, and where are Kramer and Elaine!?

Here are a few ideas to ponder…just imagine you’re sitting on a bench on a quintessential New York boardwalk one peaceful afternoon with beautiful white birds ready to part like the Red Sea upon reaching a conclusion with the internal soundtrack of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” playing with precision and purpose:

  • It was for an episode of Jerry’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
  • Jason and Jerry discussed a play that Larry David has reportedly written to bring Seinfeld to Broadway
  • Jason and Jerry met to arrange a Seinfeld reunion movie
  • Or, perhaps, this was ultimately a get together about nothing.

Except, as fans of the ’90s sitcom know too well, the show was never really a show just about nothing.

Whatever the reason for bringing George and Jerry back together in public, it was well worth it. It’s very likely the meeting had something to do with the recent announcement that Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are collaborating on an exciting new project.

Jerry and George got some food at their sitcom hangout, they talked a little bit, something amazing happened, yada yada yada, the world will never be the same again.