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Everyone Has a Friend in Randy Newman

We’ve just gotta let the piano man play. Not the piano man Billy Joel, but an equally great piano man nonetheless. As a matter of fact, we’ve gotta let one of the best piano men of all-time just talk and we need to listen.

Trust me on this…

Did you know those awesomely cool stories about Randy Newman? I didn’t. However, I’m glad I do now. What an incredible collection of collaborators. This is why we tune into The Tonight Show.

FYI – Randy Newman’s latest album “Dark Matter” is available everywhere music is sold and downloaded.

But I’m waiting for that throwback album “Four Amigos.”


Classic ’80s

The strangest thing you can do these days is probably not watching Stranger Things.

With the weekend here, binge-watching TV shows without the necessity of an alarm clock or work to-do lists for the following couple days (hopefully) has returned. And since Stranger Things 2 is still the hottest show on Netflix, it seems appropriate to combine the awesomeness of this Steven Spielberg and Stephen King-inspired cultural phenomenon set in the midwestern town of Hawkins during the 1980s with one of the show’s signature characteristics for this weekend’s impending viewings.

The ’80s synthesized sound from the Stranger Things theme song is perfectly translated into a classical music rendition? Boss. If there’s any doubt that things from the 1980s are timeless, these three cello players have put most of those concerns to rest with their performance seen above.

Before reading and watching this blog post, you probably would’ve thought the ’80s were just another decade.

Now, as you can see, that presumption would be, how can I put this…strange.

Tom Petty is Gone & We’re Heartbroken

Musical icon Tom Petty died last night after going into cardiac arrest at the age of 66.

Ignoring the non-political, real fake news concerning the premature announcement of Tom Petty’s death early yesterday (unreal), dedicated fans and casual listeners alike are mourning the amiable frontman. His impressive collection of tunes and unforgettable lyrics with the Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch and the Traveling Wilburys have already proven they are standing the test of time, evidenced during the past few decades.

Turn on a classic rock channel and try not to hear a Tom Petty song. Speaking of which…

“I’m learning to fly, but I ain’t got wings…”  

You just might have wings now, Tom Petty. Rest in peace.

Driving Mister Foo Fighters

When you’re singing in the car (admit it, we all do it), we feel like a rock star. Our voice is in perfect pitch and we begin to ponder whether we missed out on our true calling in life.

We feel, in so any words, like we’re flying.

And then that moment happens when the song suddenly ends and we hear the remnants of what was really a bit of, shall we say, a musical disaster. It’s at this point that our balloon of rock stardom is popped and we appreciate the skill actual musicians and bands possess. However, we have to keep on driving.

If only an entire rock band would sit and sing in the car with us…

The Foo Fighters have a way of getting the best out of us in all kinds of life’s moments.

We feel, in so many words, like we’re always learning to fly.