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Music Will Never Fall out of Favor With Us

Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world. The right song, lyrics, and sound can inspire us in ways that are–forgive me in advance–impossible to describe. And this motivational dynamic can occur instantaneously from hearing a quick, short succession of notes or words. We recall fond memories, tough times and/or are reminded of a dream we’re in pursuit of via a full, intensely determined sprint.

Ok, enough sneaky wordplay.

Here’s an extended version of the orchestral theme song from the recently released ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ that, like the film, adds spectacular accents that elevate the song to something bigger and better from the song’s simple yet defining origin.

So who wants to skydive HALO Jump into Paris?


Today’s Emotion Is Sweet

Aerosmith is one of the greatest and most iconic rock bands of all-time. The band’s style, look, and the sound is unmistakable. As a group, they boast an incredible musical catalog, as well as a backstage dust-up between its two biggest stars that led to its initial breakup.

Aerosmith has it all as a rock band.

Aerosmith is leaning into the future.

Aerosmith played a special concert on the Today Show earlier today.

Aerosmith doesn’t need to learn new tricks. Those tricks still rock…and roll.

Beatle Crossing

Why did the Beatle cross the road Abbey Road after 49 years?

To get to the other side…to perform a concert nearby as a promotion for his forthcoming album ‘Egypt Station.’

Life is a simple stroll after a long and winding road.

Vulgarity Is Killing the Radio Stars

Interesting words to consider from one of pop rock’s best singers and musicians.

Music, like any entertainment medium, can be tricky to navigate as to what pushes close to the boundary and what crosses “that line.” More often than not, it’s the un-clever way in which something is presented that desperately lacks subtlety, decency, and creativity that inspires the powerful connection via a myriad of sounds and lyrics.

I think that’s the underlying point Killers frontman, Brandon Flowers is alluding to by his line in the interview above, “we need to class it up a little bit.”

Essentially, what he’s saying is comparable to a stand-up comedian just spouting off about someone or something without a set-up and punchline that, when done effectively, makes the point in a new, entertainingly memorable fashion.

And he’s right…

on the line of what constitutes original, thoroughly entertaining music.