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Toto: There’s No Place Like Its African Home. There’s No Place Like Its African Home…

Just a reminder that Toto’s hit single “Africa” is still playing non-stop in a mysterious spot in the Namib Desert, which was the focus of a Jimmy’s Daily Planet blog post back on January 17 of this year.

Most “Throwback Thursdays” are considered timeless because of the subject’s nostalgic value. However, in this case, the everlasting staying power of Toto’s “Africa” is more literal than most in this category of beloved nostalgia.

Upon further thinking, would this specific blog post qualify as a “Music Ditty Miracle”? After all, its legacy is up there with other musical titans.

(Bonus points–well, six points and an extra one–for those who get the reference) 


Happy March Madness!

March Madness tips-off and takes flight today in Dayton, Ohio. This is the annual event when we acknowledge and celebrate the most unproductive few weeks in the United States of America (thank goodness for “the boss button,” right!).

And who knew a song about rich boy meets poor girl from a chance encounter in a busy crosswalk in Sin City and a stunningly beautiful spare dress for a quintessential Las Vegas night out would provide the perfect theme song for college basketball’s biggest stage?

Actually, the title says it all. But the original meaning of the song is not about basketball, though it sure does rise to the occasion like Ohio State’s Sam Thompson on an alley-oop.

What teams will play with that killer, championship-caliber instinct?

Make your picks and take your own shot at glory!

Happy Monday!

It can be the little things that can encourage one to get better, especially if one happens to be sick. In this circumstance, movement of one’s body is minimal. The alarm that will ring relentlessly on a cell phone merits a quick jolt to the right to turn it off. However, before swiping my finger left to right, listening to the predetermined song choice (that had been forgotten) was surprisingly motivating. It provided a nice little spark to get better as fast as possible because it’s difficult to enjoy this specific music with a cold.

This song was meant to be listened to and experienced when feeling good.

Happy Monday!      

Happy Veterans Day!

Today, November 11th, we pay tribute to the American men and women who have served and sacrificed for the United States of America. These brave men and women have protected the freedoms we enjoy everyday and, for that, we are forever grateful.

To live in a country where we have come to know that our fellow citizens and neighbors will always protect us, no matter what, is a truly special feeling and honor.

Below is a fitting video for Veterans Day with musical support from none other than Mr. Lee Greenwood:

Since it is 11/11, let’s all make an extra special wish and/or prayer for our brave American men and women in uniform at 11:11 a.m. and 11:11 p.m. today.

To all the American veterans: Thank You!

Happy Veterans Day and God Bless the U.S.A.!