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Kelsey Grammer Has Been Listening to His Fans

“To be or not to be: That is the question.”

The actual question today is whether the world will be gifted a ‘Frasier’ reboot? Let’s find out from a pretty good source, plus a sneak peek into Kelsey Grammer’s new Netflix film with Kristen Bell titled ‘Like Father.’

One thing’s for certain:

A ‘Frasier’ reboot would cure nostalgia’s ever-present pull whilst leading viewers into the future.


Don’t Sleep on the Brazilian Rainforest. From What I Hear…

The psychology of sleeping is funny.

As Daylight Savings approaches this Sunday, it’s essential that we are getting all the sleep we can these days. Some nights we fall right to sleep, while other nights can involve a lot of staring into the darkness for no particular reason or effectiveness. The latter is (hopefully) a very rare occurrence. But still, why does it happen? Was it something we ate? Something we drank? Are we cognitively consumed with something important, either consciously or unconsciously?

Might be time to consult a psychiatrist (or two).

Don’t forget to turn off the lights, set your alarm, and to kick-out your annoying TV brother who is spending the night.

RIP John Mahoney

Famed actor John Mahoney died this past Sunday at 77.

Best known for his role as Frasier Crane’s dad, Mr. Mahoney entertained TV and movie audiences with his affable personality for more than three decades. Celebrated for his extensive acting career, perhaps it’s best that most connect him with the Martin Crane character. Inside the fictional high-society world of Frasier, old Marty Crane was a relatable reality to viewers. And he did so with humor and goodness.

If you ask me, that’s a pretty great legacy.

Next time you’re drinking a beer (especially if you can find a Ballantine), raise a glass to Martin Crane John Mahoney.  

Using a Crane (or 2) to Grab a Song from the Must See Past

It’s blog posts like this one that solidify the excitement and necessity for “Throwback Thursday.”

Frasier is one of the best sitcoms in television history. The writing, characters, acting, settings, cleverness and overall tone of the show were absolutely top drawer. This series began with very real emotions and situations that were relatable to a broad audience, whilst adding just the right amount of suspended belief to make its stories greatly entertaining with notes of appreciated realism throughout the show’s illustrious 11 seasons.

Please enjoy one of these very scenes that captures the love (and laugh-out-loud comedic timing) of the Crane men. Martin Crane (the father) discovers a newfound connection with his sons who aptly remind him of their likeness, well, just watch.

It’s a must see clip.


That short scene demonstrates why Frasier was so masterful.

Happy “Throwback Thursday.” 

P.S. Actually, a tossed salad and scrambled eggs sound pretty good right now…