The Vintage, Homey Style is Back

Rogue One is one week away from being available for purchase in a video store (well, a big store with a limited movie section) and it currently has the number one commercial.

The ’70s and ’80s, among many things, featured the revolutionary cinematic franchise Star Wars, the rise of storyteller Steven Spielberg and the never-to-be-forgotten VHS (Video Home System). As covered on Jimmy’s Daily Planet around this time last year, the creative team behind The Nice Guys engaged in a brilliant marketing campaign to promote its highly-entertaining buddy cop film. Based in the ’70s, The Nice Guys had a few trailers. All well done. But one of those trailers rose above the rest by having the gritty, quintessential and unique film quality of a movie literally released in (you guessed it) the ’70s.

And YouTube user Damien Kazan channeled the same creative spirit and took it to the next nostalgic level for a crazy awesome commercial marketing…a VHS copy of Rogue One.

If only the distribution team behind Rogue One could have pulled off a special edition VHS version of this critically-acclaimed Star Wars Story for purchase. Regardless, this VHS commercial is undeniably rad.

This fan-made Rogue One commercial is outstanding.

4K TV’s certainly have no issue capturing the crown as the resolution king in family rooms around the world today, but it may be damn near impossible for 4K (and 8K, etc.) to ever capture the nostalgic movie magic from the days of the VHS.

1980s-something for the win.


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