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Driving Mister Foo Fighters

When you’re singing in the car (admit it, we all do it), we feel like a rock star. Our voice is in perfect pitch and we begin to ponder whether we missed out on our true calling in life.

We feel, in so any words, like we’re flying.

And then that moment happens when the song suddenly ends and we hear the remnants of what was really a bit of, shall we say, a musical disaster. It’s at this point that our balloon of rock stardom is popped and we appreciate the skill actual musicians and bands possess. However, we have to keep on driving.

If only an entire rock band would sit and sing in the car with us…

The Foo Fighters have a way of getting the best out of us in all kinds of life’s moments.

We feel, in so many words, like we’re always learning to fly.


What is it about mannequins that bring us all to life?

Well, it’s partly the movie Mannequin where the mannequin literally came to life…but there’s something else there too, I think.

Late Late Show host James Corden is the latest person to explore this strange (yet hilarious and heart-warming) relationship humans seem to have with mannequins that inevitably leads to telling jokes, singing and dancing in the form of a revamped trailer to the 1987 classic Mannequin.

James Corden definitely figured out how to spice up the magic of a mannequin.

Stay Calm and Don’t Carry On

Who knew that the 1987 movie Mannequin would inspire a craze in November 2016?

The latest video trend that’s spreading across the country is a freeze-framing act called the “Mannequin Challenge.” The object of this activity is to create a scene and for the participants to stand or pose perfectly still while a video camera pans the scene to capture the moment.

One thing is certain: The “Mannequin Challenge” is substantially better than planking.

While freezing time may seem like a strange diversion from productive activities, there are elements of unity and creativity between the participants. TheĀ “Mannequin Challenge,” like social media, is proving to be a fun bridge for bringing people together in entertaining and bonding fashion. There is a feeling of being a part of something bigger through the lens of something positive and lighthearted.

Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall (Mannequin stars) have to think this is pretty co-

(Sorry, I did the “Mannequin Challenge” as I was writing the last sentence)


P.S. Let’s flashback to the original mannequin and that unforgettable song…

A Great Great Show

What’s the only logical way to kick-off a long weekend?

An intense rap battle with Ross from Friends, Late Late Show host James Corden and special guest Rebel Wilson is correct.

Whether in the car singing karaoke or dropping the mic Eminem-style, we’ll be there for you James Corden to see what you do next.

Including David Schwimmer.