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A Great Great Show

What’s the only logical way to kick-off a long weekend?

An intense rap battle with Ross from Friends, Late Late Show host James Corden and special guest Rebel Wilson is correct.

Whether in the car singing karaoke or dropping the mic Eminem-style, we’ll be there for you James Corden to see what you do next.

Including David Schwimmer.

Happy Monday!

Forget left-brained v. right-brained.

Are you a Bluetooth person or a considerate person?

This is one of the great philosophical questions of our time. How do we approach life and its infinite conundrums? Do we value personal space? Do we still value our ever-shrinking privacy?

Please click on the link to play on YouTube

(Written in the appropriate volume) Have a pretty, pretty, pretty good week!    

Happy Monday!

Being Monday morning, we must “Carpe Diem!”

We all have things that we one day aspire to, like learning to play a musical instrument, immersing ourselves into a new culture or figuring out a new way to make our friends laugh.

Ladies and gentlemen, we should all take notes from the one and only Dr. Ross Geller. Somehow, he pulled off this hat-trick of hilarity!

It’s time to “celebrate good times, come on!”