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The ’80s Called and Want You to Leave a Message

Goldbergs creator (and star of sorts) Adam F. Goldberg delivered yet another insanely awesome flashback to 1980s-something wrapped in network sitcom gold.

Without diving deep into the episode, which has been done in the past, tonight’s post will be light-hearted and brief. This despite the engaging premise of the older sister-younger brother favor disguised as a hang-out. This dynamic rings especially true as a younger brother who has always been a die-hard movie fan (generally, not just the movie Die Hard).

Instead, I want to draw your attention to something quite simple and straightforward from the October 18, 2017, episode of The Goldbergs. A phone number appears during a (spoiler-free) moment that is presumed to be as fictional as certain parts of the episode exaggerated for comedic and dramatic effect. However, Adam F. Goldberg and Co. know their fans because they are fans themselves. Therefore, they prepared and I’m glad they did.

Here’s the number, so dial with your landline now.

(215) 883-4400

Notice the area code above is Philadelphia, PA. Well played, Adam F. Goldberg, well played.

Thank goodness ABC employed some nerds for its primetime television programming, despite that whole “pantry-raiding” incident.


Friends Forever

For those wondering, the title refers to the show, not the song. However, both are equally awesome.

(Bonus points if you can name the show that featured the aforementioned song)

When lightning in a bottle happens, specifically regarding sitcoms, there’s an eternal fascination with everything involving the show. True story (name the character and/or sitcom!). The shelf life is forever. The stories, characters and the tone often define entire decades, generations and/or certain parts of the country from a treasured moment in time for millions of viewers. And as soon as the sitcom series finale airs, there’s a strange juxtaposition of sadness and uplifting nostalgia from fans.

I know because I’m one of these fans.

There’s a personal investment to learn everything from these shows that was an treasured part of growing up. These facts include interesting tidbits from in front of the camera, as well as from behind the camera.

Just when you thought there was nothing new to learn about Friends

With this brand new behind-the-scenes story in August of 2017 (series finale was in 2004), it’s safe to presume that a Friends super fan now knows everything about this show in a genuinely comprehensive sense. You could even say a Friends super fan knows Friends like the back of their hand.

Wait, their hand or that Las Vegas blackjack dealer’s hand?

(Double bonus points if you can name the actor who played that Las Vegas blackjack dealer!)

It’s That Thing of When You Learn About Where Stefon Came From

This blog post has everything…

The greatest club promoter the world has ever known, Stefon, was the brainchild of SNL cast member/impressionist Bill Hader and SNL writer John Mulaney. As you would expect, the inception of this legendary character originated within the perfect storm of serendipity. Isn’t that the case with some of the best things in life?

For “Throwback Thursday,” let’s reminisce about the phenomenon that is Stefon.

(If it feels right, feel free to hold your hands up to your face and laugh)

Now, it’s time to hear from the writing guru who was the wordsmith behind the club promoter who loves rooms with broken glass.

I am looking for a Halloween party to hit up later this month…

Stay tuned tomorrow for a vintage weekend update.

Leaving the Cage

'Ghost Rider' Photocall

(Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images)

 “Actor Nicolas Cage returns stolen Mongolian dinosaur skull”

This is a real news headline found on Yahoo. It’s not April 1st. This is real life.

One of the reasons why people (myself included) love watching Nicolas Cage movies and searching for past interviews of Nicolas Cage is rooted in the headline above. He’s a uniquely strange human being who electrifies mankind with a talent and magnetism that hasn’t yet been discovered.

Not even the deepest reaches of an exotic rain forest has the answer.

“The actor bought the Tarbosaurus bataar fossil at a New York auction in March 2007” (AFP online). 

The dinosaur skull is a part of the Tyrannosaurus family. And on a related note, a belated high-five goes out to America’s national treasure.

Sadly, Nicolas Cage didn’t track down the dinosaur skull by scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and catching a rare fish that, when examined with a black light, revealed a specific scar that was the birds-eye view of an abandoned fishing village run by a skinny and intensely tan 83 year-old man with long white hair named Kiku who was holding in his possession a worn map that would lead to a specific patch of desert in Mongolia that contained the rarest dinosaur skull pursued by archaeologists from all around the world.

Instead, according to the Yahoo article, Nicolas Cage bought the skull (reportedly outbidding Leonardo DiCaprio) and unknowingly left the country with it in an illegal fashion. Mr. Cage is returning the skull without interference.

Kind of a bummer.

Nicolas Cage should always, always be able to ask someone, “Hey, do you wanna see my dinosaur skull?”

C’mon Mongolia, you’re better than this.