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Happy Monday!

Who is handling your baggage future?

Life can be frustratingly formulaic, yet equally random and wonderfully serendipitous. Since there is no one correct way to live one’s life, we must tirelessly engage in trial-and-error experiences and decide what brings us and the people around us the most happiness. Except, that doesn’t always pan out for myriad reasons that we cannot control. The ever-expansive and undefinable variable aspect of the world, if you will.

However, some amazing things in our life are within our control and it’s best to pursue these opportunities when you can at the right moment because, if you’re passive, you could end up handling bags in the Los Angeles airport in the year 2194. And those terrific friends you could’ve made will live their separate lives without you.

And not be there when your love life’s D-O-A.

Life’s funny, isn’t it?

Have a Clear-Eyed Week!


It’s That Thing of When You Learn About Where Stefon Came From

This blog post has everything…

The greatest club promoter the world has ever known, Stefon, was the brainchild of SNL cast member/impressionist Bill Hader and SNL writer John Mulaney. As you would expect, the inception of this legendary character originated within the perfect storm of serendipity. Isn’t that the case with some of the best things in life?

For “Throwback Thursday,” let’s reminisce about the phenomenon that is Stefon.

(If it feels right, feel free to hold your hands up to your face and laugh)

Now, it’s time to hear from the writing guru who was the wordsmith behind the club promoter who loves rooms with broken glass.

I am looking for a Halloween party to hit up later this month…

Stay tuned tomorrow for a vintage weekend update.

Just Like the Movies

Did you know July 6th is “National Kissing Day”?

Now you do!

We all want that perfect kiss. Yes, even gentlemen imagine meeting the woman of their dreams, feeling that spark that changes their life forever. However, as we all know, that serendipitous moment doesn’t arrive on any schedule. Only the Universe knows and she’s a mysterious appointment-maker. 99% of the time, we’re left wondering about that kiss.

And that surprise moment usually goes something like this…

Ticket to Rome, please.

Sweet Serendipity

First off, it’s Friday the 13th. Hopefully, nobody sees any black cats, walks under ladders or steps on a crack that breaks your mother’s back. Today’s post has nothing to do with superstitious behavior. However, to help ensure that nothing bad happens, it feels like the right thing to at least acknowledge this freaky Friday occurrence.

Stay safe everybody!


We never know who we are going to meet. Life is great that way. In a moment, you’re scrolling through a menu at a restaurant in Agoura Hills, California with a New Zealand-inspired menu. That apple and pear drink was too inviting not to RSVP to, especially on such a warm, sunny afternoon. As the waitress (who lit up the shaded patio area with her beautiful smile) took our drink orders, there was something about her that hinted at some hidden intrigue. There are polite, charismatic waiters and waitresses. And then there are polite and charismatic waiters and waitresses who are merely making a quick stop as a culinary transporter on their way to something big.

Our waitress was the latter.

With our delicious non-alcoholic fruit concoctions in-hand, a conversation was born of “what brings you out to southern California from Ohio?” After a minute of conversing, as soon as the word, “Broadway” was enunciated, the fun started. Katie (our waitress) told us that she had co-written a play that’s going to be work-shopped at The Mint Theater in New York City this June. She wrote a children-appropriate play, “Devil in the Deep” with Graham Russell, the former guitarist from Air Supply. The story is based on “Treasure Island,” which is enough to gain the attention of children and adults like, quite honestly.

Culturally, we’ve become familiar with stories of a waiter or waitress saying, “I’m writing a screenplay” or “I’m just waiting tables at the Cheesecake Factory until I get my big break!” But to meet someone who has written a play that is going to run in a theater in New York City for a month was quite incredible. A testimony of hard work. Another special moment from this past weekend was eating at a beer and wine selling tavern called the Ojai Beverage Company and sitting at a table next to Jason Segel of How I Met Your Mother and I Love You, Man fame. It just goes to show that we sometimes realize, and sometimes may not realize, who we’re sitting next to or speaking with.

Randomly going to a casual joint in Ojai on an overcast, rainy afternoon for the best fish tacos around (true story!) or engaging in conversation with a sweet waitress can change our days (and summer plans) in a matter of moments.

Talk about an off-the-menu special…

“Devil in the Deep”
The Mint Theater, NYC
Playing in June