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Just Normal Things on Friday the 13th

Strange things happen on Friday the 13th. Stranger things happen on Friday the 13th when Netflix is involved.

Case in point:

10 new episodes of ’80s-inspired awesomeness formally known as season 2 of the hit Netflix original series Stranger Things arrive on Friday, October 27th.

PSA: Stock up on Eggo’s frozen waffles. You’ll probably get hungry during a 10-hour Stranger Things binge…

The Club Should Have Recruited a 14th Member

Fortunately, the superstitious occurrence known as “Friday the 13th” has nothing to do with preventing people from reading awesome blogs.

And that’s a good thing because, courtesy of the YouTube channel Life Noggin, we’re going to get a fresh perspective for attempting to interpret the most frightful of days connected to an unlucky number. There are many superstitions attached to “Friday the 13th,” which include black cats, mirrors breaking and the dreaded number 66 – I’ll spare us all by not typing that last number that falls between 5 and 7.

Time to look at this day with some fascinating historical perspective.

The worst part about today was that there was a bag filled with one million dollars on the ground, but I would’ve had to walk under a ladder to grab the cool million.

Oh well, hopefully the money will still be there tomorrow on Saturday the 14th.

Fun Fact: The 13 Club that was founded in New York with members who dared to walk under ladders and break mirrors (as seen in the video). This group eventually became known as the New York Mets.

(Not true, but how perfect would that have been!)  

May the 13th (Not) Be With You

If you see a black cat, walk under a ladder and step on a crack that breaks your mother’s back today, then you’ll have to live (ironic, I know) with the fact that, unlike everybody else, you will immediately stop feeling the feeling! of Justin Timberlake’s infectiously fun new single.

Friday the 13th is not to be trifled with.

In some capacity or another, we all have superstitions. Whether deeply personal or in-line with the strange events of a particular day of the month on a particular day of the week, there are forces in our world that cannot be explained. Call it what you will, but there are many questions that will never find an answer.

But why is Friday the 13th so spooky as to put us on edge every year?

Glad you asked. Time for a history lesson (of sorts).

Friday the 13th does have an instinctive creepiness and uneasiness about it. Regardless of when this day falls each year (and sometimes multiple times per calendar year), it reminds us that we’re not totally in control of our surroundings. If something spine-chilling happens on this day, like a black cat interrupting your morning run causing you to step on a crack that breaks your mother’s back and then, disoriented, smash into and break a store front window, the only two reactions can be coincidence or fate.

Not only will your answer to this question reveal your true thoughts on Friday the 13th, but it will also provide a not-so-small hint about how you view life in the grand scheme of things.

Eerie, I know.

Paris Has Our Thoughts and Prayers

(Jean Jullien, Instagram)

(Jean Jullien, Instagram)

Today is Friday the 13th.

This was supposed to be the focus on this eerie occasion.

Sadly, it wasn’t.

In what’s being reported as a series of coordinated attacks throughout Paris, the French people (and the world) is in paralyzing shock once again.

  • A witness tells Radio France that attackers inside the Bataclan concert hall entered firing rifles and shouting “Allah akbar.”
  • At least 153 people were killed in the Paris and Saint-Denis shootings and bombings, French officials said. Saint-Denis is home to the national stadium where the soccer match was being played.
  • The worst carnage occurred at the Bataclan concert hall, with at least 112 left dead ()

As more details are reported, there’s only one thing to say at this point:

Our thoughts and prayers are with the French people, most especially the victims, survivors and police force and their families and loved ones.