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Bill Looked and Then Read Excellent Adventures

A picture says a thousand words. What’s the harm in a few more?

Bill Hader is comedically astute in a way few others are by escaping into a wide variety of characters who fully exercise an engaging set-up with a hilarious punchline. While that sounds easy, it’s difficult to achieve at the level of Bill Hader. Add in his consistency–on display in the video above–and you’ve got a skilled comedian with endless possibilities.

Bill Hader’s comedic prowess has everything…


Bill & Keith’s Impersonation Adventure

Have you ever wondered if Keth Morrison has ever seen Bill Hader’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live?

I have. And on more than one occasion. That’s because, like Kristen Bell in the video below and anyone who has seen this hilarious imitation of the dramatic NBC host, we need to know that the real Keith Morrison likes Bill Hader’s impersonation as the slightly less real Keith Morrison.

Let’s see.


Thankfully, the DNA (Dramatic & Naturally Awesome) test result for this celebrity impression is positive news.

The Next Mannequin Challenge

Let’s face it: Nothing’s ever going to stop, well, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.

Yesterday’s blog (Stay Calm and Don’t Carry On) spotlighted the latest craze that’s been sweeping the nation: “The Mannequin Challenge.” And, as was mentioned in the aforementioned blog post, the true inspiration for this 2016 cultural phenomenon is the 1987 movie Mannequin.

The song, “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now,” became synonymous with the classic ’80s film. You cannot think about one without the other. Incredible. This package deal of warm, fun memories from yesteryear continues to prove its worth far beyond its post-1987 future. Especially following a contentious presidential election, the American people are in need of the eternal reminder that everything will be okay. This is true regardless of who you voted for or who you wanted to win last night. One of the greatest pillars of the amazing American experiment is to relentlessly strive for “a more perfect union.” Not perfect, but more perfect. It’s a never-ending journey and pursuit.

America can be like bickering siblings going through very difficult times. Tensions run high and nobody wants to talk or start the conversation towards reconciliation. That’s when the goofy brother takes center stage to bring at least a couple minutes of some much needed levity.

I challenge everyone to take a few minutes out of their day to dance to “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” with somebody or a group of people and record the experience. I think we all need this for a variety of reasons.

Now isn’t the time to just stand still.

Proof That SNL is Best When You’re in High School

Laughing is not literally the best medicine, but it just might be a close second.

With the weekend upon us, the pressure is on to plan something unforgettably fun to do once the sun sets. We can’t waste a single moment. Luckily, Bill Hader and John Mulaney (as written about in yesterday’s blog post), created the best club promoter in partying history by combining an oddly entertaining email and a particular coffee barista in Chelsea, New York. Since readers of Jimmy’s Daily Planet are up to speed on the evolution of SNL’s Stefon from yesteryear (part of “Throwback Thursday”), it’s time to see what club has everything…

Actually, scratch learning about the hottest new club in NYC. Instead, let’s watch a heartwarming Make-a-Wish story involving Bill Hader…and, yes, a little Stefon. 

That moment had everything.