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Happy Monday!

Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” just got some serious musical competition over the weekend…

All I want for Christmas is for a Christmas-themed Foo Fighters album to be a real thing (crossing my fingers) with the medley above as the title track.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 


Driving Mister Foo Fighters

When you’re singing in the car (admit it, we all do it), we feel like a rock star. Our voice is in perfect pitch and we begin to ponder whether we missed out on our true calling in life.

We feel, in so any words, like we’re flying.

And then that moment happens when the song suddenly ends and we hear the remnants of what was really a bit of, shall we say, a musical disaster. It’s at this point that our balloon of rock stardom is popped and we appreciate the skill actual musicians and bands possess. However, we have to keep on driving.

If only an entire rock band would sit and sing in the car with us…

The Foo Fighters have a way of getting the best out of us in all kinds of life’s moments.

We feel, in so many words, like we’re always learning to fly.

Rock Music’s Neighborhood Watch

Foo Fighters have a new song off their forthcoming album, “Concrete and Gold.” This equally rockin’ and catchy song is titled, “The Sky is a Neighborhood” and it was released by the band today, along with a very clever music video.

Enough said.

The Foo Fighters, after 23-years, still remain the pop-culture masters of imagining the most awesomely unique and entertaining music videos. You never forget their songs nor those defining accompanying music videos.

And that’s why the sky continues to be the limit for the Foo Fighters.

P.S. Those eyes in the music video simulating shining stars…stellar!

Still Learning to Fly

Sure, 31 is just a number.

This is a factual statement, yes, but it’s a real number that sparks real reactions.

Turning 31 today evoked a strange feeling. Not as seismic a response as 30, but substantial nonetheless. How did I get here? Remain calm, the following sentences are not going to dive into the depths of my psyche (perceived vs. reality). The questions that I find myself asking are more concerned with how I got here relative to reacting in the immediate future. Immediate meaning the next minute, hour, day and month.

To be frank, these are inquiries that are difficult to answer. However, one of the benefits of getting older is knowing where to look. And that’s paramount.

The Foo Fighters are usually a good first step.

“Learn to Fly” is still one of my all-time favorite songs after all these years.

That has to mean something.