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X Marks the (To Be) Bought?

Have you ever seen a shinier apple Apple in your life?


In a phrase, the iPhone X looks, “insanely great.”

Apple’s major product advancements yesterday, most notably its iPhone X (not the letter, but the number) ended with a surprising bang. And, in doing so, with a rather curious statement. At around $1,000 (monthly payments are available) for the iPhone X, Apple is celebrating its 10th iPhone anniversary with a serious question of not what the phone can do (seems incredible), but rather who they envision paying for this phone?

Next month and, equally important, in the years and many subsequent models to follow.

A $1,000 floor, not ceiling, is a gutsy price (although, give ’em that its a simplistic price tag, in quintessential Apple style) to determine if an Apple smartphone will be affordable. Akin to high-definition TVs with all the bells and whistles (in some cases, literally), too high of a starting price could, well, price out major portions of its valued market. Will that hurt its profit margin? Who knows. But, it might damage something the tech giant holds just as dear as a defining part of its amazingly successful brand…

Part of the legacy of the late Steve Jobs is that he put/led his team’s effort to put 1,000, 10,000 and x number of songs in our pockets, along with a smartphone that’s literally a handheld supercomputer for each of us to define ourselves. Interestingly, yesterday’s exciting presentation (new iPhones, Apple Watches, etc.) took place center stage in the new Steve Jobs Theater at Apple’s new spaceship campus. However, what would Steve Jobs say about the $1,000 price tag?


How many of Apple’s x -umber of consumers will say the iPhone X is insanely great?

How many of Apple’s x-number of consumers will say the price of the iPhone X is insane…great?

Rock Music’s Neighborhood Watch

Foo Fighters have a new song off their forthcoming album, “Concrete and Gold.” This equally rockin’ and catchy song is titled, “The Sky is a Neighborhood” and it was released by the band today, along with a very clever music video.

Enough said.

The Foo Fighters, after 23-years, still remain the pop-culture masters of imagining the most awesomely unique and entertaining music videos. You never forget their songs nor those defining accompanying music videos.

And that’s why the sky continues to be the limit for the Foo Fighters.

P.S. Those eyes in the music video simulating shining stars…stellar!

Zimmer’s Super 8

Christopher Nolan’s highly-anticipated World War II epic Dunkirk doesn’t premiere in movie theaters for a couple weeks.

Lucky for us, one of the songs for the forthcoming war film by composer Hans Zimmer made its way out of enemy gun fire, via WaterTower Music (ie- Warner Bros.).

What is it with famed directors and composers and the word “super” and the number 8 (think J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg and Michael Giacchino of the science-fiction thriller Super 8)?

At 8-minutes in length (8:03, to be precise), the titled track, “Supermarine” is everything you’d expect from a Hans Zimmer-Christopher Nolan collaboration. That’s an intense, emotionally climbing tempo with a larger-than-life feeling that puts you squarely into the action projected on silver screens so immersive as to blur the line between the film and reality.

This is the point where you’re itching to play the song again. Go ahead. I’m doing the same thing. And if the soundtrack is already this powerfully engrossing, just imagine what the action sequences are that this music was acutely designed for…let alone the sound of the remaining soundtrack.

Mr. Nolan and Mr. Zimmer seem poised to present war cinematically and musically we haven’t yet seen and heard experienced.

As if “Supermarine” isn’t enough of a clue to confirm that declaration.

Music’s Bridge to a Golden Past


The weekend is here as soon as our workday concludes this overcast Friday. Regardless of the gray clouds outside that appear to be on the fence with another downpour, the warm (yet desirable) temperatures for late June almost makes some pop-up showers a welcomed guest this evening. Keeping in tune with tonight’s likely rainstorm, the smooth voice of Leon Bridges and his old school voice and band seems like the ideal choice of music with his new catchy song, “Smooth Sailin'” and its nautical references describing a hopeful romance.

The clothing, lyrical and vocal style of Leon Bridges is a refreshing nod to the simplistically upbeat sounds of Motown. He and his fellow band mates let the music stand for itself, which is a rarity these days. While creative and elaborate music videos are an important extension of a band, it’s nice to look into a studio and just press play.

Leon Bridge’s debut album is called “Coming Home,” which is a fitting title because it sounds like a return to a defining era in music.

“I don’t really know her destination,
But I got a feeling I, I’m gonna be her passenger”

This may become the motto of his fans.