Music’s Bridge to a Golden Past


The weekend is here as soon as our workday concludes this overcast Friday. Regardless of the gray clouds outside that appear to be on the fence with another downpour, the warm (yet desirable) temperatures for late June almost makes some pop-up showers a welcomed guest this evening. Keeping in tune with tonight’s likely rainstorm, the smooth voice of Leon Bridges and his old school voice and band seems like the ideal choice of music with his new catchy song, “Smooth Sailin'” and its nautical references describing a hopeful romance.

The clothing, lyrical and vocal style of Leon Bridges is a refreshing nod to the simplistically upbeat sounds of Motown. He and his fellow band mates let the music stand for itself, which is a rarity these days. While creative and elaborate music videos are an important extension of a band, it’s nice to look into a studio and just press play.

Leon Bridge’s debut album is called “Coming Home,” which is a fitting title because it sounds like a return to a defining era in music.

“I don’t really know her destination,
But I got a feeling I, I’m gonna be her passenger”

This may become the motto of his fans.


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