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Happy Monday!

“{I understand we’re in} the place of the champions.”

While Mick Jagger was trying to get some local street cred (well done, by the way), the crowd was thinking they were in the presence of some musical champions.

It was that kind of night.

The Rolling Stones erupted on stage with “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” to kick-off their rocking concert in Ohio Stadium this past Saturday night with 60,000+ fans singing and dancing along. And the crowd was quite eclectic, featuring several generations of people that made for a great environment to see such a legendary rock n’ roll band. Their 19-song playlist (with one special rendition of a hometown favorite) focused on their immensely popular album, “Sticky Fingers,” as well as a few of their smash hits: “Satisfaction,” “Start Me Up” and “Paint It Black.”

Running and dancing (or grazing for Keith Richards) to every square inch of their enormous stage revealed that these older gents from across the pond are not only still very talented, but are first-class entertainers. Age wasn’t a factor. Mick Jagger had moves like, well, Jagger! The Stones emphatically proved that there is no age limit from having unbridled fun.

They put on a spectacular show for more than 2 hours and, perhaps best of all, it looked, felt and sounded like an old school rock n’ roll concert with some welcomed modern flare. They even brought in the Ohio University Singers to help them with, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want,” which was amazing.

Fans stood for the entire night, which just raised the already incredible energy level. This was in addition to Jagger’s infectious buoyancy on stage. Turning to occasionally look around the packed stadium revealed that we were all in this thing together and it was an awesome feeling. And even with all the aforementioned classics that were played and received with remarkable enthusiasm, the moment that got the foundation shaking was when the Stones performed a song that has a very special place in the hearts of all Ohioans.

Yes, they happily went there.

Have a Rolling Good Week!

P.S. This special logo for the concert and accompanying custom-made apparel didn’t hurt.

(Schottenstein Center)

(Schottenstein Center)