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Beatle Crossing

Why did the Beatle cross the road Abbey Road after 49 years?

To get to the other side…to perform a concert nearby as a promotion for his forthcoming album ‘Egypt Station.’

Life is a simple stroll after a long and winding road.

Happy Monday!

And the alarm goes off.

Mondays are tough. To clarify, Monday mornings are tough. Trying to snap back into our busy workweek schedule requires the shock of an early wake-up call, unfortunately.

Fortunately, there’s a man (along with his band mates) who are always up to the challenge of getting people going. More specifically, they’re really good at starting people up.

As the Maroon 5 song says, it’s time to dance with those moves like Jagger.

Have a Rockin’ Week!

The Answer is Somewhere in Alveron

Why is Wolf Gang not a band anymore?

The British rockers seemed to be on the brink of taking their music to the next level with the first few singles off their second album “Alveron” back in the fall of 2014. But after switching labels (Warner Music UK Limited to Cherrytree Records), their comprehensive sound took a slight hit in production value on said sophomore record. That’s more a problem with the producer than the musicians. Even still, why did they breakup? Maybe it was being downgraded/choosing to go more independent that ultimately doomed the band? Perhaps an undisclosed riff between one or more band mates was simply too much?

These questions are still questions because fans were given only a solitary, ambiguous social media announcement that the Wolf Gang project was over in July of last year. That was it. End of story.

Dear Friends,

We are very sad to announce our decision to end the band. We’ve had an incredible journey; we’ve been to amazing places and met wonderful people, and all along the way we loved sharing our music with you all, but now it’s time for us to move onto other things. We want to thank each and every one of you who showed us support and enjoyed our music, you have meant a lot to us. We wish you all the best, and thanks again,

Max, James, Gav and Lasse X

So, why bring this up again now, 9 or so months later, especially when Jimmy’s Daily Planet covered this news when it happened?

Because it still makes no sense. The band was developing and growing in popularity and name recognition. However, bands breakup. It’s an all too common tale in the music industry.

Every now and again, like today, their music pops back to the front of my mind. I’m reminded not only of their talent, but their seeming promise as a band. While Wolf Gang’s future is no more, their past is alive and well if we so choose.

I’m picking alive and well.

Outside the band, nobody knows what “Alveron” really means. And since nobody really knows why the band broke up, maybe that’s a fitting legacy for remembering Wolf Gang.

Happy Labor Day!

No work today!

Foo Fighters + Led Zeppelin’s Bass + Queen’s Drums + “Under Pressure” =

Enjoy the day off!