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Have You Heard the One with the ‘Joker and the Thief of the Night?’

Seeing as this workweek is nearly over, it’s perfectly fitting to start listening to music that puts us in the right mood for such a celebratory occasion. In today’s case, some good rock n’ roll with a modern twist is the right way to go to jump-start what will be a great summer weekend in July!

Ladies and gentlemen, the band from down under and some of Australia’s finest: Wolfmother.

They’re Sydney’s current operatic house band that rocks like barbequed shrimp and a can of Foster’s on a white sand beach.

Music’s Bridge to a Golden Past


The weekend is here as soon as our workday concludes this overcast Friday. Regardless of the gray clouds outside that appear to be on the fence with another downpour, the warm (yet desirable) temperatures for late June almost makes some pop-up showers a welcomed guest this evening. Keeping in tune with tonight’s likely rainstorm, the smooth voice of Leon Bridges and his old school voice and band seems like the ideal choice of music with his new catchy song, “Smooth Sailin'” and its nautical references describing a hopeful romance.

The clothing, lyrical and vocal style of Leon Bridges is a refreshing nod to the simplistically upbeat sounds of Motown. He and his fellow band mates let the music stand for itself, which is a rarity these days. While creative and elaborate music videos are an important extension of a band, it’s nice to look into a studio and just press play.

Leon Bridge’s debut album is called “Coming Home,” which is a fitting title because it sounds like a return to a defining era in music.

“I don’t really know her destination,
But I got a feeling I, I’m gonna be her passenger”

This may become the motto of his fans.

I Can’t Get No Weather…Satisfaction

Those rocking and rolling stones are tumbling into Columbus, Ohio this weekend for a Saturday night concert in The Ohio Stadium. My uncle is in town for this amazing event, which will see electric guitar riffs, pounding drums and an iconic voice shake the very structure holding tens of thousands of screaming fans. Rock ‘n roll will be alive and well tomorrow evening in Ohio’s shining capital. The only downside is the strong chance of rain.

Except, rain is simply an added bonus at a rock concert.

Here’s some lyrical proof.

Hopefully Jagger will have those moves like, well, Jagger!

Dancing with a Spring in Your Step

Despite yesterday’s nail-biting finishes and overtime suspense, it’s probably fair to say that most people living in 4-season locations aren’t hoping for an overtime of winter. Spring is officially here: rain, slices of sun and all.

The madness of winter is over.

Now winter is not bad, but when you park your car outside and scrape ice in freezing temperatures every morning, that routine can only be relieved by March 20th and the warmer days that follow. And seeing as it’s Friday, that’s protocol to have some fun. Therefore, a clip from Boy Meets World is in order.

It makes sense, don’t worry.

Today is the first day of Spring, which signifies the transition to warmer weather. People are anxiously yearning for things to get hotter. March Madness has tipped off. Or, as it’s also known, “the big dance” has arrived. Television broadcasters are consistently playing back classic, nostalgic highlights from past tournament games, including the 1990s.

With that, I give you a clip of the starting 5 men (plus its 6th man) of Boy Meets World (a classic ’90s sitcom), dancing to the song, “Hot Stuff.”

Feeny: As smooth as D’Angelo Russell.