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Move Over for the Weekend

This is Friday.

It’s Friday and we’ve had enough of all the formalities of the workweek. No tie and no handshake/fist bump is going to happen. What’s more, is that we don’t want to exert any more energy than is absolutely necessary. We are getting ever closer to 5 p.m. and any form of discomfort that will prevent us from sitting in the so-called “luxury suite” will simply have to be endured for the grand prize.

The luxury suite is called the luxury suite for a reason. It’s luxurious. So just try and curb your enthusiasm for the workweek’s luxury suite when it becomes available:

The weekend.

It’s pretty, pretty–you get it.

Larry David to the Resc…You’ve Gotta Be Kidding

For Flashback Friday, I have one question for you:

Are you ready for the weekend?

Larry David never fails to make us laugh.

On a more serious note, if I had my own customized bat signal that illuminated the night sky, I’d be wherever I was needed in a second. From this alone, I understand Batman a little more for just that reason.

And of course, we understand Larry David and his brand of comedic justice.

The Skeleton Triplets

Who will you be this weekend?

Friday and Saturday offer that incomparable opportunity to break loose from the stresses of the week and, in some cases, our very persona.

There are no bones about it.

Or you can be like Ryan.

Don’t be like Ryan this weekend…

or ever.

Park, Our Fun Begins Now

The weekend is finally here.

Not the musician, but the end of the workweek.

And this is the glorious occasion that happens just 52 times a year and should be taken full-advantage of when it arrives. Particularly in nice weather, like in Columbus, OH at the moment, finding that one activity (or several) to define your entire weekend is of the highest importance. Put more simply, we strive to get from Point A to an excitingly awesome, sometimes unknown Point B.

This journey of sorts usually begins as we’re leaving the office

Well, as we all know, we have to be constantly aware of roadblocks…

and refrigerator boxes around office buildings.