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Happy Monday

Fred Armisen’s reluctant Portlandia driving character = All of us this morning.

Carrie Brownstein’s insistent Portlandia driving character = Our Monday alarm that officially starts the workweek.

Random Thought: I wonder if the name of the guy driving the Yugo was Hugo?

Have a Better Week Than Last Week.

P.S. In just a few short days, those tricky stop sign/right-of-way conundrums will be replaced by the open road of the weekend.         


Happy Monday!

I was recently talked into moving furniture from the first floor to the dreaded second floor of a house. While the house was not located in New York City, the stairway was surprisingly narrow. Actually, the stairway became narrow when helping to carry up a large dresser, an adult-sized mattress and the head board for a bed frame.

One single word came to mind when this was occurring. Just one word.

I’m thinking you can guess what that word was…

I wish you luck in your pivot to the workweek…pivot!

Have a Great Week and Remember Your Sketch!

Happy Monday!

First, Saturday, July 13th was my One-Year Anniversary on!!

Second, while I was watching the series debut of, “Hollywood Game Night” last Thursday evening on NBC, I was reminded of a remarkable trait in one of the celebrity contestants. Anyone who has ever watched and heard actress Lisa Kudrow laugh knows how amazing and utterly contagious it is once she gets going. Kudrow laughing will brighten anybody’s sad disposition or people with, “a case of the Mondays.”

Without further adieu, prepare to smile and laugh!

Have a Great Week Filled with Uncontrollable Laughter!

Happy Monday!

During any workweek, most days can seem the same with the only discernible difference being that one day it’s called Tuesday and another day it’s called Wednesday.

Well, here’s that ’70s staple from the sitcom vault that features that Wisconsin gang and their families who declare that we find happiness in our everyday routines!

Have a Great Week! Oh yeah, I almost forgot…