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The Cool Rise of a Friday

Serving as an extension of sorts of yesterday’s post about “being cool,” today’s blog post will add a countdown. Why? Because once the warm sun beams hit our faces on a Friday morning, an internal countdown instinctively starts for when the weekend can ultimately begin for us…usually to the second.

Phoenix (rising from the ashes for the weekend) + “Trying to be Cool” + a continuous countdown:

In 3-2-1…

The Magic of a Tuxedo (Real or Imaginary)

Labor Day is almost here! For many, a long weekend is a spectacular treat. It’s especially true for those going through stressful times at work and/or in their personal lives. This is a time to relax, clear one’s head and refocus priorities. To help you get into the joyful spirit of this weekend, it’s important to remember the value of letting loose through the wonder of dance.

How’s this for a Flashback Friday:

When penguins are involved, life is good!

Where Imagination Cannot Be Hushed

Italy v. Costa Rica (Noon, ESPN)

Switzerland v. France (3:00 p.m., ESPN)

Honduras v. Ecuador (6:00 p.m., ESPN)

Listed above are the three World Cup matches scheduled for today. However, it’s Friday and because I’m a little bit random, this post will focus on a subject 180 degrees the other way.

Why not?

When I arrived at work this morning, I typed, “” (as usual) to take a gander at the picture of the day. The photograph selected for June 20, 2014 was of the exterior of the Bodleian Library at Oxford University. But click on the box farthest to the left and the library opens its doors with sophisticated grandeur. This elite academic institution clearly provides its students and faculty with an inspiring setting for reading, studying, learning and curious sightseeing. What strikes me by the classically-aged interior is how the room contains as engaging a story as the books it holds. Whether the pursuit is serious or leisurely lighthearted, it’s amazing when just a room can transform you into a place and state of mind typically reserved for movies like Harry Potter.

(Photograph: John Downing/Rex)

(Photograph: John Downing/Rex, The Guardian)

Dreaming is golden.

We’re All Thinking It…

Posting an alternate opening credits video for The Office in the style of a classic ’90s sitcom yesterday has inspired me to post another clip from this show that seems appropriate for today: Friday. At any point this morning or afternoon when our boss begins to speak, we’re all hoping he or she will say that magical phrase.

Stanley, we’re with you.

Hey, it’s Friday, make it count!