Dancing with a Spring in Your Step

Despite yesterday’s nail-biting finishes and overtime suspense, it’s probably fair to say that most people living in 4-season locations aren’t hoping for an overtime of winter. Spring is officially here: rain, slices of sun and all.

The madness of winter is over.

Now winter is not bad, but when you park your car outside and scrape ice in freezing temperatures every morning, that routine can only be relieved by March 20th and the warmer days that follow. And seeing as it’s Friday, that’s protocol to have some fun. Therefore, a clip from Boy Meets World is in order.

It makes sense, don’t worry.

Today is the first day of Spring, which signifies the transition to warmer weather. People are anxiously yearning for things to get hotter. March Madness has tipped off. Or, as it’s also known, “the big dance” has arrived. Television broadcasters are consistently playing back classic, nostalgic highlights from past tournament games, including the 1990s.

With that, I give you a clip of the starting 5 men (plus its 6th man) of Boy Meets World (a classic ’90s sitcom), dancing to the song, “Hot Stuff.”

Feeny: As smooth as D’Angelo Russell.

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