Daily Archives: March 3, 2015

Going Dutch in Kansas City?

While the world’s shining city on a hill has emitted a dull glow in recent years, there still appears to be an allure for footballers in South America and Europe. A recent report revealed Dutch midfielder¬†Rafael van der Vaart has been offered a major contract to sport a light shade of blue in Kansas City. The deal is estimated at $4.8 million/year for the 32-year old.

I repeat: Rafael van der Vaart is only 32-years old.

He’s a game-changer. He can define a midfield with purpose, incorporate dynamic calculation in its movement and offer spontaneous displays of applause-worthy flair. Rafael van der Vaart still has a few years left and, if this deal is signed, would be a tremendous pick-up for Sporting Kansas City and MLS in general.

Here’s some evidence:

New International Players arriving in MLS this season:

  • Kak√°
  • Frank Lampard
  • Steven Gerrard
  • Sebastian Giovinco
  • David Villa
  • Rafael van der Vaart?

Will Rafael van der Vaart be living in the Midwest in 2015? Who knows. It could just be a bargaining chip in Europe or merely an initial interest in hopping across the pond to America. Regardless, it’s exciting speculation. And just on the surface, there are several reasons to check out MLS this season beyond our favorite squads. There’s the amazing redesign and re-branding of the Columbus Crew SC, big international signings, new club introductions and modernized club identities. 2015 may seem a little bit like the mid-late 1990s with a refreshed, adrenaline-fueled enthusiasm for soccer in America.

Of course, if Rafael van der Vaart does sign with an MLS team, remember his wife and kids will join him as well.

Rafael and Sylvie van der Vaart encapsulate why soccer is called the beautiful game.