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Double Oh Yes

If you like a particularly famous British spy and dinosaurs (who doesn’t?), then then this blog post is perfect for you.

LEGO’s have had a surreal second life the past several years, amazingly different than the 1980s and 1990s. Long gone are the generic space ships, underwater settings and Old West corrals. No, the trend is to market and manufacture directly with famous brands and brand names like the Man of Steel, Batman, Pirates of the Caribbean and so forth. There are even miniature sets of the Sydney Opera House, for the more cultured adult.

Beyond the physical connective toys, its incredible theme park with multiple locations around the world, LEGO has successfully expanded into multimedia platforms, such as television (Star Wars), movies (The LEGO Movie) and video games.

Having been joyfully drawn back into all things LEGO by my nephew (including all of the offerings mentioned above), it seems appropriate that I drag him into a world unlike any other. It just took a certain movie being made for this summer to jump-start our imaginations all over again:


The new poster has been rolled out:

(James Bond Twitter)

(James Bond, Twitter)

November 6, 2015 is the theatrical release date, but this first teaser poster for Daniel Craig’s fourth film as James Bond that was recently released is the latest proof to the modern reality that blockbusters-in-the-making have tremendous and anticipatory fan followings given that today is only March 17, 2015. Spectre is, in fact, right in the middle of filming. And the buzz builds each day. Craig’s track record as 007 has been highly lauded and combining his skills as Bond with picturesque filming locations that have been disclosed by director Sam Mendes and the Broccoli family, Spectre is continuing to gain momentum as a genuine must-see cinematic adventure.

Dinosaurs, exotic destinations, LEGO’s, adventure, suspense, mystery, beautiful women and that perfectly mixed martini.

2015 will shake, not stir, the movie landscape.

P.S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!