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Still Learning to Fly

Sure, 31 is just a number.

This is a factual statement, yes, but it’s a real number that sparks real reactions.

Turning 31 today evoked a strange feeling. Not as seismic a response as 30, but substantial nonetheless. How did I get here? Remain calm, the following sentences are not going to dive into the depths of my psyche (perceived vs. reality). The questions that I find myself asking are more concerned with how I got here relative to reacting in the immediate future. Immediate meaning the next minute, hour, day and month.

To be frank, these are inquiries that are difficult to answer. However, one of the benefits of getting older is knowing where to look. And that’s paramount.

The Foo Fighters are usually a good first step.

“Learn to Fly” is still one of my all-time favorite songs after all these years.

That has to mean something.

Just Learning to Fly

There are some songs that always rock.


Whatever is going on, good or bad, the lyrics and the beat just hits the right notes no matter what. Usually, there is a specific reason for keeping this kind of song on our top-shelf of favorites. And it’s these types of special connections that truly define the power and influence of music.

This is one of those songs:

It’s a beautiful thing.

P.S. How about that view!