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A Stellar Soundtrack

Some days don’t require words. Sometimes, a sound can trigger such powerful emotions that the boundaries that surround us suddenly evaporate to become limitless.

This is one of those sounds:

While the trailer this music accompanies (Interstellar) is utterly fantastic in its intergalactic teasing prior to its November 7th release, the ever-building vibrations are inspirational enough on its own.

Hearing is believing.



Spoiler Alert: Some content from last night’s television show premieres are revealed below

The Big Bang Theory



The Blacklist

These are just a few of the television shows that premiered for the 2013-2014 season last night. The Big Bang Theory was literally a big bang in the ratings with 17.9 million viewers, despite being temporarily moved to a new night. In the age of convenience/DVR watching, that is a damn impressive figure.

Here’s what we learned from The Big Bang Theory:

Penny got a pixie haircut!

Stuart and Mrs. Wolowitz/Deb-Deb are forging a strange, yet hilarious relationship that really can’t be labeled at this point. However, the attempts to do so with the frazzled friend and son Howard will make for some great comedy in the future

Howard is going for his PhD, which is freaking Sheldon out because Pasadena’s most famous NASA engineer may soon be on the same intellectual level as the self-proclaimed genius Dr. Cooper. It’s safe to say that Howard now has Sheldon’s full attention

Bernadette got Penny a job interview with her pharmaceutical company, she freaks out her boss and she continues to be the sweetest bully of all-time

Penny got a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative!

Sheldon traveled across the continental United States on trains and never left the train stations (FYI-did you know mustard and ketchup are popular condiments in train stations?), got everything stolen from him, wound up in the Chuck Lorre sitcom comedy-driven tightie whities and was arrested in Arizona for badgering random train goers for help. It was crazy I mean funny. Once fully clothed and back in southern California, he discovered he was promoted to a junior professor at Caltech. He attempted to teach Howard graduate level physics, but an epic spitball ended that.

Amy is now the popular girl in high school and it’s fantastic!

Oh, and Leonard got a new hoodie (and is owed some serious gas money)

The much-hyped Gotham had a noteworthy 8 million viewers. Not bad for a series premiere. When it comes to drama and/or action shows like The Blacklist and Gotham, the reins for what is deemed acceptable for a network television audience continues to be loosened. Perhaps this is partly due to the reality of having to compete for viewers who watch popular, PG-13 to R-rated shows on HBO, Netflix, FX and AMC.

What does this mean?

Ultimately, studios translate this to mean that the public still has a healthy appetite for rich stories and clever writing all played out in dramatically stunning sets with dynamic, conflicted characters. Plus, unlike going to the movies, television has to work harder to keep an audience throughout a half-hour or one-hour run time. Commercial breaks can offer too many opportunities to change channels. Next day viewing with a DVR has partially dealt with this perceived inconvenience. However, people have a thirst for great storytelling. It’s a universal and timeless truth. And judging by the season/series premieres alone, the teams behind The Blacklist and Gotham have given its audiences high-quality, suspenseful dramas with plenty of grit and imagination to sustain and entertain its viewers for this upcoming television season.

Unfortunately, Dallas is currently hanging out on this writer’s DVR. But it actually aired its season finale last night. It will be fascinating to see where South Fork and its famous residents and guests are after a host of Texas-sized scandals, secrets and seductions.

Monday, welcome to the cool table.

Happy Monday!

Those three precious letters…

Yesterday afternoon, I proudly walked across a stage at the Columbus Convention Center, shook the university president’s hand and proceeded to receive my Master in Business Administration degree from an esteemed member of the university faculty.

After 16 months of relentless course work, papers, studying complex equations, endless reading assignments and 3 1/2 hour classes, the moment had finally arrived to physically obtain the MBA all that work had been dedicated towards. And this all culminated in 12 seconds of pure joy and relaxation as I walked across the stage in front of the faculty, my family, my fellow graduates and their loved ones.

Of course, it’s in these instances that one ponders grandiose thoughts and famous sayings by famous and profound individuals as great challenges and opportunities lie ahead.

But then (for me anyways) that reaction was eclipsed by sayings by individuals whose words are just as inspirational, however the source is less than celebrated in the world of academia.

Oh well, who cares! Here are a few of my favorite timeless words to live by:

“Life’s a Garden, Dig It!”         


Jimmy’s Daily Planet, MBA

The Stars are at War in Gotham

There are clues for a myriad of puzzles to solve all around us. It’s one of the truly fantastic aspects of life: never-ending treasure hunts for the eternally curious human population. One of the most fun exercises is when we notice an anomaly in a favorite movie or television show. In the case of the following video clip, director J.J. Abrams (Star Wars: Episode VII) continues to have fun with his blockbuster director friend Zack Snyder (Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice).

An ordinary visual tour of the new Millennium Falcon, right?

It’s likely a good guess that this will not be the last time these two directors cross-over their universes. After all, someone’s got to post bail for this guy…

(Zack Snyder: Twitter)

(Zack Snyder’s Twitter) “Case closed”