Daily Archives: September 10, 2014

The Silent Defense

“We still fear what we don’t know”
–The Killers (band)

Two unfortunate realities in the modern era are increased hiding places from experiences that are difficult and the wavering definition of logic. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that logic is only logical until it’s not. This confusion surrounding logic only affects most all of our decisions, so no big deal, right?

Are things still going well? Of course, because of A, B and C. But then why did this occur or not get a response? Everything seemed to be on the same path, just like past events…What just happened? Why? And, undoubtedly, the worst sound of all: enduring, completely mysterious silence.

Talk about one hell of an apparently fluid concept to attempt to conquer and understand.

When these two forces collide, the reaction is something quite remarkable. What’s fashioned is a double-edged sword, sharpened for the causes of convenience and defense. Adding to the dynamism of this creation is its ambiguity of action. For those who voluntarily select (key phrase here) such an object to use, it may first appear as the attractive recourse. Not only easier, but it’s less stressful for the user. In the eyes of many these days, that’s the primary criteria. What’s the most facile choice for me? Distance, in a world of closeness and opinions as told through constant communication channels, is a strange phenomenon. One day (or one minute), we can be intimately connected with someone. Then, the next day or week, this same passageway can be cut-off without explanation like scissors to a phone cord.

A devastating disconnect.

As frequently and creatively as we communicate and profess to be connected to each other like never before, this truth can often transpire into levels of fiction because of the convenience these popular mediums enable. Living with information all around us, we aren’t receiving anywhere close to the complete truth in too many cases when knowing more is desired and needed. Instead, we’re living amongst scattered pieces without a comprehensive understanding. There are voids of vital details that should be revealed, but it’s been unilaterally decided by one party to remain hidden and untold.


Because that’s what swords do, they shred any chance at the truth until people give up and retreat.