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Happy Monday!

In this crazy journey called life, we discover things about ourselves. We learn about love, we learn about heartache, we learn about success and defeat, and we learn about people. And really, is there a better person to learn about the greatest gift in life than Larry David?

What’s that old adage? Oh yes, truth in comedy.

Have a Better Week Than Last Week. 

Damn, Daniel’s Almost Done

Sometimes, the messenger rises above the message.

On that note, 60-year-old Daniel Day-Lewis announced a while back that he was going to retire from acting. This news was a little surprising, particularly given his age and that he still appears to be at the top of his game. Nevertheless, the trailer for his last film, Phantom Thread, recently debuted online. As mentioned in the opening, the story of this film may not necessarily excite one’s cinematic senses, but the lead actor will. Regardless, one should be interested in this forthcoming movie for a couple things:

  • Phantom Thread is the final film in the storied career of acting savant Daniel Day-Lewis. This is it.
  • Of all the films Daniel Day-Lewis could have made his swan song, why did he choose Phantom Thread?

Let’s get the first glimpse and try to decipher an early hypothesis to the second question above.

Whatever the reason for why Daniel Day-Lewis chose to leave audiences on Phantom Thread, there’s no ambiguity in the fact that he fashioned together one hell of a great career.

The Instrumental Heartbeat of Cinema

When a story is so unique and stellar, it’s difficult to let it go.

Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer are film making BFF’s (perhaps not the bonding phrase these reserved movie maestros would use). The many collaborations with Mr. Nolan writing and directing and Mr. Zimmer composing powerful accompanying movie soundtracks have left audiences in awe and amazement in the theater and in the years beyond the film’s premiere. The video below has been featured on this blog before, yet its story of how the score of the emotionally-driven Interstellar (2014) evolved from a rather ambiguous note is remarkable.

And Throwback Thursday seems like a fitting day to showcase the kind of random spark that creates movie magic.

That’s why we go to the movies…

and it’s inspiring that there are movie-makers who know why.

There’s Nothing to Worry About

“Do you want to go out this Friday?”

Far too often, single men and women are overly analytical when it comes to dating. Both sexes can be found guilty in this respect. And whether it’s a first date or trying to secure a second date, hysteria starts to overwhelm any sense of calmness.

“Why hasn’t she texted yet? She replied quickly to everything else I wrote. Should I have disagreed with her about that book she likes? Does she like me for the right reasons?”

This anxiousness, I think, started to become a hyper-obsession with increasing popularity and frequency of romantic comedies, as well as the introduction of social media. Now, it must be stated that some rom-coms are good and that social media and texting can be fantastic mediums for communicating early on in a relationship and/or dating. There is literally almost nothing better in the earliest phase of dating than a girl you like replying to your text with those three dots blinking that results in a sweet sentiment and a smiley face.

Admit it, your eyes light up.

When Facebook first came out (well, as in 2004, it was an incredible bridge for young men and women in college to flirt and introduce themselves beyond a quick “hello” in the cafeteria in a new, non-traditional fashion (ironically, this is traditional practice now). However, Facebook is not the same now as when it first entered our lives ~ a decade ago. Regardless, Facebook was a better, more interactive alternative to email. There was an investment in it. Those moments of waiting for a response in-between classes always had a fun, surprise element to it.

Interestingly, this is all kind of amusing because nerves and butterflies are a good thing when meeting someone new. In fact, it’s a great feeling. This experience should be exciting and different from any other routine activity. If you’re not excited, then something’s wrong. Dating is a thrilling game, intended to reveal a potentially natural magnetism towards someone special…or not. But in the case of the former, all those nerves instantly translate into the most indescribable feelings of happiness.

It’s a truly beautiful thing.

We should accept these nerves as they are because when we meet the right person, the payoff will be eternally worthwhile. We shouldn’t panic and sift through every single detail of our interactions with this person. We should just go with the flow.

Case and point: Instead of over-analyzing the social media aspects of dating and communicating with someone we like, I should have just played the following clip:

Larry David, the man who co-authored the brilliant comedic movement about nothing, has somehow (once again) taught us everything we need to know about interacting with people in various situations.

Despite being a fish in the dark, his vision’s pretty, pretty good.