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Damn, Daniel’s Almost Done

Sometimes, the messenger rises above the message.

On that note, 60-year-old Daniel Day-Lewis announced a while back that he was going to retire from acting. This news was a little surprising, particularly given his age and that he still appears to be at the top of his game. Nevertheless, the trailer for his last film, Phantom Thread, recently debuted online. As mentioned in the opening, the story of this film may not necessarily excite one’s cinematic senses, but the lead actor will. Regardless, one should be interested in this forthcoming movie for a couple things:

  • Phantom Thread is the final film in the storied career of acting savant Daniel Day-Lewis. This is it.
  • Of all the films Daniel Day-Lewis could have made his swan song, why did he choose Phantom Thread?

Let’s get the first glimpse and try to decipher an early hypothesis to the second question above.

Whatever the reason for why Daniel Day-Lewis chose to leave audiences on Phantom Thread, there’s no ambiguity in the fact that he fashioned together one hell of a great career.

Happy Presidents Day!

Why do we celebrate Presidents Day?

I’m so glad you asked.

Yesterday is history and tomorrow is (I won’t finish that). Anyways, we can never forget where we come from and how we got here. In the infinite age of information, it’s easy to ignore certain facts and realities. However, until we grasp the rich and consequential, yet still relatively youthful nature of the United States, our future as Americans will involve more mysteries and uncertainties than we may care to accept.

The presidency is a uniquely powerful, influential institution. Only 44 individuals have served in this position, which underscores the need for the best of us to lead this country.

If only George Washington or Abraham Lincoln could be on the ballot in 2016. The American people would happily take a Washington or Lincoln understudy.

Can Daniel Day-Lewis act like he was born in the USA?

I know, stupid question.

Of course he can!

Happy Monday!

Walking through the life and career of Abraham Lincoln at his presidential museum and home in Springfield, Illinois last Thursday was a thrill. Even with a solid understanding of his legacy, there was so much to learn and admire about this giant of American history. There was one exhibit set-up across the street that housed sets and costumes from Steven Spielberg’s 2012 movie Lincoln, starring Daniel Day-Lewis. The magic of film making combined with the defining power of President Lincoln created a great experience in addition to his impressive museum.

In the movie, there’s a particularly towering moment that captures Lincoln’s persuasive skill at getting tough things done, against all odds.

(Turn the volume up)

Achieve Something Great Now!

A Penny for Your Thoughts

The Nominees for The 1st Annual Clark Kent Super Moment at the 2013 Oscars are:

Tommy Lee Jones finally laughing!
The on-stage musical number from “Les Misérables”
A montage of Seth MacFarlane’s best jokes
The Grey Poupon commercial
Adele’s win for Best Original Song for the movie “Skyfall”
Daniel Day-Lewis’ acceptance speech for Best Lead Actor in “Lincoln”
Sally Field and Jennifer Lawrence in general
Grant Heslov: “I know what you’re thinking: the three sexiest producers alive!”
Ben Affleck’s speech for “Argo” for its Best Picture win (including the funny and inadvertent quip about his wife and Iran)

and The Clark Kent goes to…

The 16th President of the United States of America