Space & Time

“We’ll find a way…we always have”

Dedication to a particular craft is essential to those who aspire to making something that transcends the ordinary and moves us into a space in the extraordinary. Movie director Christopher Nolan continues to build his resume of critically acclaimed movies that excel in acting, production, writing, creativity, intelligence and a gravitas most films fail to reach. One explanation is that Nolan is an independent filmmaker who succeeds in making blockbuster hits with the acute skills of an independent filmmaker, but with crazy blockbuster budgets and expectations.

True story.

Another hypothesis is that because he dedicates himself to one movie at a time, it translates into an investment that proves to elevate his films above the rest. Fans know that when a Christopher Nolan movie is released that it will be something grand in scale, thought-provoking and visually stunning with a pulsating soundtrack courtesy of his longtime musical collaborator Hans Zimmer. 

Another teaser trailer has been released for Interstellar and it’s worthwhile to see. There’s one detail in particular that’s revealed that will undoubtedly be a string that will pull at our hearts throughout this space epic. It has to do with a conversion of time.

Christopher Nolan’s singular cinematic commitment is truly reaching for the stars in Interstellar.

Will you be so tenacious come early November?


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