Daily Archives: May 9, 2016

Happy Monday!

Nelly was right: It’s getting hot in here.

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are back in front and behind the camera with the latest European thrill ride for everyone’s favorite symbology professor. Robert Langdon, as portrayed for the third time by Mr. Hanks in the cinematic adaptation of Dan Brown’s Inferno, finds himself at the center of yet another plot by a brilliantly villainous mind that threatens the world and its global population. Inspired by Dante, the fiery problem (and answer) takes the viewer through an esoteric labyrinth.

Lucky for Mr. Langdon, a sharp blazer and a Harvard faculty ID appear to be assets in this global mission with no less than the fate of the human race at stake.

Looks like one hell of a good movie.

Have an Adventurous Week!