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Our Puzzling Future

Have you pulled the blanket down from over your head? Yes, that presidential debate last night was real and wasn’t an SNL sketch…yet.

The always entertaining and insightful author and essayist Christopher Buckley’s rationale for relieving himself the responsibility of satirizing high-stakes political circumstances was, once again, effortlessly reaffirmed during yesterday’s presidential debate. His imaginatively shrewd writing that amusingly paints the politically powerful with shades of absurdity and twinkling nonsense now needs no outside author, as the starring characters from both sides have willingly taken on his role as penman and penwoman.

Mr. Buckley can’t believe he used to make this stuff up.

On a completely alternative, and therefore happy note, the only spectacle being promoted on television more than the presidential debate is the new Dan Brown book adapted for the silver screen. Skipping the slightly underwhelming 2009 “The Lost Symbol,” Mr. Brown’s 2013 thriller “Inferno” was chosen for grand cinematic treatment. Having read “Inferno,” the excited anticipation for the movie is warranted. Get ready for a fun, thought-provoking ride! Incredibly, from the little shown in the trailer, every one of the scenes look precisely as I pictured them with my imagination from just words on a page.

A testament to the brilliant vision of both Dan Brown and Ron Howard.

Favoring suspense over information, the engrossing plot and pulse-racing sequences won’t be disclosed. The spectacular reveals and intellectual twists-and-turns deserve genuine shock and awe, coupled with unnerving curiosity and reality.

And who better to preview and hype Robert Langdon’s adventures than, well, Robert Langdon himself.

October 28th cannot arrive soon enough. As surprising as this will read, readers and audiences will learn more and feel better equipped to confront the complexities of the world (past, present and future) from a Dan Brown novel and/or film than from a modern presidential debate.

And Dan Brown’s “Inferno” deals with hell…

Happy Monday!

Nelly was right: It’s getting hot in here.

Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are back in front and behind the camera with the latest European thrill ride for everyone’s favorite symbology professor. Robert Langdon, as portrayed for the third time by Mr. Hanks in the cinematic adaptation of Dan Brown’s Inferno, finds himself at the center of yet another plot by a brilliantly villainous mind that threatens the world and its global population. Inspired by Dante, the fiery problem (and answer) takes the viewer through an esoteric labyrinth.

Lucky for Mr. Langdon, a sharp blazer and a Harvard faculty ID appear to be assets in this global mission with no less than the fate of the human race at stake.

Looks like one hell of a good movie.

Have an Adventurous Week! 

D.B.’s Treasured Process

Inferno was red hot as a book back in 2013 and Inferno is set to be a red hot movie in theaters this October 28th.

Interestingly, when people hear this word/literary title, it may be fair to conclude that Dante is losing a bit of ground in the modern era when it comes to association…to his most well-known work.

Made famous through his intelligent thrill rides through Europe’s luxuriously historical capitals with plain-hidden secrets galore, led by an unsuspecting professor of symbols, author Dan Brown has captured our imaginations and cognitive curiosities with Leonardo da Vinci, the Pope, Vatican, the Freemasons and now Dante’s Inferno. One reason (among many) why his writing transcends his competitors in a similar space is his skill at leaving his readers wanting more.

The story ends, the last page is turned over, and yet we find ourselves researching for more answers. Mind you, these questions aren’t concentrated on problems with the book. Instead, most wish the story didn’t end. Unfortunately, reality takes over and the realization of the time, effort and creativity that ultimately builds a Dan Brown classic spans years. Fortunately, Hollywood loves to adapt blockbuster books and Mr. Brown’s tales fit the silver screen like a Harris Tweed jacket at Harvard.

Even more fortunate is Dan Brown agrees to the occasional interview when he’s not dreaming up his Robert Langdon’s next adventure.

We know Dan Brown’s exciting fictional side, but it’s equally satisfying to discover his non-fictional side is entertainingly upside down.

Getting even a quick glimpse into the mind that has crafted acclaimed books on a global scale is worthwhile and educational. Like most endeavors in life, the rugged journey, scattered with potholes, misdirection and random glimmers of inspiration provides the greatest insight into how this crazy world goes ’round.

Aside from the Earth’s axis.

Future story idea: I wonder if Dan Brown (D.B.) will ever send Robert Langdon on a domestic journey into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to solve the thrilling, unsolved mystery of D.B. Cooper and his lost treasure?