D.B.’s Treasured Process

Inferno was red hot as a book back in 2013 and Inferno is set to be a red hot movie in theaters this October 28th.

Interestingly, when people hear this word/literary title, it may be fair to conclude that Dante is losing a bit of ground in the modern era when it comes to association…to his most well-known work.

Made famous through his intelligent thrill rides through Europe’s luxuriously historical capitals with plain-hidden secrets galore, led by an unsuspecting professor of symbols, author Dan Brown has captured our imaginations and cognitive curiosities with Leonardo da Vinci, the Pope, Vatican, the Freemasons and now Dante’s Inferno. One reason (among many) why his writing transcends his competitors in a similar space is his skill at leaving his readers wanting more.

The story ends, the last page is turned over, and yet we find ourselves researching for more answers. Mind you, these questions aren’t concentrated on problems with the book. Instead, most wish the story didn’t end. Unfortunately, reality takes over and the realization of the time, effort and creativity that ultimately builds a Dan Brown classic spans years. Fortunately, Hollywood loves to adapt blockbuster books and Mr. Brown’s tales fit the silver screen like a Harris Tweed jacket at Harvard.

Even more fortunate is Dan Brown agrees to the occasional interview when he’s not dreaming up his Robert Langdon’s next adventure.

We know Dan Brown’s exciting fictional side, but it’s equally satisfying to discover his non-fictional side is entertainingly upside down.

Getting even a quick glimpse into the mind that has crafted acclaimed books on a global scale is worthwhile and educational. Like most endeavors in life, the rugged journey, scattered with potholes, misdirection and random glimmers of inspiration provides the greatest insight into how this crazy world goes ’round.

Aside from the Earth’s axis.

Future story idea: I wonder if Dan Brown (D.B.) will ever send Robert Langdon on a domestic journey into the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest to solve the thrilling, unsolved mystery of D.B. Cooper and his lost treasure?


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