The Sun Has Set on Music’s Purple Mountain Majesty

If it’s raining where you live, there’s a good chance you’ll be seeing flickers of purple in those rain drops.

Prince, the musically eccentric performer from Minnesota, has died. He was only 57 years old, an age that will cause reflection from those older and younger.

His music was unique, inspired by some of music’s brightest stars.

Prince channeled the dance moves of James Brown, the guitar virtuosity of Jimi Hendrix and the theatricality of “Sgt. Peppers”-era Beatles.
–Jon Schuppe and Jacquellena Carrero, NBC News 

Prince was not only admired by many, but he also had quite the sense of humor. Incredibly (and hysterically), the 5’2″ music man used comedian Dave Chappelle’s impersonation of him for an album cover.

True story.

Breakfast Can Wait Prince Cover - P - 2013.jpg

“What am I going to do — sue him for using a picture of me dressed up like him? … That’s checkmate right there.”
–Dave Chappelle on The Tonight Show in June of 2014. 

And let’s not forget about Prince on stage. Remember that year he performed during the halftime of the Super Bowl?

(Press Play, then “Watch this video on YouTube”)

RIP Prince.


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