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U.S.A. vs. That Country Up North

Yesterday was the 38th anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice” between the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Yesterday was also when…

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Congratulations to the U.S. women’s hockey team on winning the gold medal  at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang!


Our Puzzling Future

Have you pulled the blanket down from over your head? Yes, that presidential debate last night was real and wasn’t an SNL sketch…yet.

The always entertaining and insightful author and essayist Christopher Buckley’s rationale for relieving himself the responsibility of satirizing high-stakes political circumstances was, once again, effortlessly reaffirmed during yesterday’s presidential debate. His imaginatively shrewd writing that amusingly paints the politically powerful with shades of absurdity and twinkling nonsense now needs no outside author, as the starring characters from both sides have willingly taken on his role as penman and penwoman.

Mr. Buckley can’t believe he used to make this stuff up.

On a completely alternative, and therefore happy note, the only spectacle being promoted on television more than the presidential debate is the new Dan Brown book adapted for the silver screen. Skipping the slightly underwhelming 2009 “The Lost Symbol,” Mr. Brown’s 2013 thriller “Inferno” was chosen for grand cinematic treatment. Having read “Inferno,” the excited anticipation for the movie is warranted. Get ready for a fun, thought-provoking ride! Incredibly, from the little shown in the trailer, every one of the scenes look precisely as I pictured them with my imagination from just words on a page.

A testament to the brilliant vision of both Dan Brown and Ron Howard.

Favoring suspense over information, the engrossing plot and pulse-racing sequences won’t be disclosed. The spectacular reveals and intellectual twists-and-turns deserve genuine shock and awe, coupled with unnerving curiosity and reality.

And who better to preview and hype Robert Langdon’s adventures than, well, Robert Langdon himself.

October 28th cannot arrive soon enough. As surprising as this will read, readers and audiences will learn more and feel better equipped to confront the complexities of the world (past, present and future) from a Dan Brown novel and/or film than from a modern presidential debate.

And Dan Brown’s “Inferno” deals with hell…

Happy Throwback Thursday!

Watching my 8-year old nephew read his favorite book series with excitement and dedication (anywhere and everywhere) is a wonderful sight. The fact that he willingly takes long breaks from the intoxicating glow and varied selection of high-definition electronics at his disposal is a genuine flashback to the days when my friends and I chose books over Nintendo (for at least a couple weeks).

The bookstore > Media Play (there’s a blast from the past!)

The greatest book series when I was his age was Goosebumps by scare master R.L. Stine. He was the best at sparking imaginations to run wild in suspense and mystery. His creative elasticity to write so many books is impressive and his legacy endures to this day.

Need proof?

We all know a book/book series isn’t truly worthy until Hollywood projects it on the big screen. From books to TV to the silver screen, R.L. Stine’s next chapter will be coming to a theater near you, with Jack Black portraying the famous author.

Goosebumps comes alive this October.

Welcome to Stine’s House.

Must Watch Below

3 days until Jurassic World projects in movie theaters around the country and the world. Good things come in threes. In fact, there are some 3-worded phrases that are simply unforgettable.

Here’s one of them.

Cinema’s fifth gear.