Happy Throwback Thursday!

Watching my 8-year old nephew read his favorite book series with excitement and dedication (anywhere and everywhere) is a wonderful sight. The fact that he willingly takes long breaks from the intoxicating glow and varied selection of high-definition electronics at his disposal is a genuine flashback to the days when my friends and I chose books over Nintendo (for at least a couple weeks).

The bookstore > Media Play (there’s a blast from the past!)

The greatest book series when I was his age was Goosebumps by scare master R.L. Stine. He was the best at sparking imaginations to run wild in suspense and mystery. His creative elasticity to write so many books is impressive and his legacy endures to this day.

Need proof?

We all know a book/book series isn’t truly worthy until Hollywood projects it on the big screen. From books to TV to the silver screen, R.L. Stine’s next chapter will be coming to a theater near you, with Jack Black portraying the famous author.

Goosebumps comes alive this October.

Welcome to Stine’s House.


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