Dream, Try, Do Good

Is 30 the new 25? 26? 27…?

How did this happen!? I turned (gulp) 30 this morning. This day always seemed so far off on the horizon that it was barely visible. The past few days, weeks and months have been increasingly overwhelming. To say it’s been like an out-of-body experience would be pretty accurate.

Now I know how a new ghost feels.

We all have goals we strive to achieve by certain ages in our lives, yet it’s interesting how quickly we forget how old we are when we reach these milestones or have a special, serendipitous moment. Everything else loses focus. It’s a little bit of a phenomenon. 30 is 30, which is just a number, except that’s it’s the most introspective number of them all. This is a transitional age that has the power to turn us on a dime and that’s a good thing. The next chapter always needs to be written with the same enthusiasm and unexpected expectations as the last with each new challenge, opportunity and chase towards a dream.

Saying goodbye to your 20s and welcoming your 30s, it feels a lot like this.

Boy Meets World for the win.


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