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A Prehistoric Mindset

Even if bringing dinosaurs back to life births too many hazards (despite its eternal and forgiving human instinct and allure), scientists can never yield in the pursuit of comprehensive knowledge as to how these prehistoric creatures acted. And this all starts with their brains.

The recently released video below may not qualify as a leap, but it’s a fascinating step, to say the least.

There’s a new Michael Crichton-brand novel here…

Must Watch Below

3 days until Jurassic World projects in movie theaters around the country and the world. Good things come in threes. In fact, there are some 3-worded phrases that are simply unforgettable.

Here’s one of them.

Cinema’s fifth gear.

Must Go Faster, Must Go Faster!

C’mon, we all know there’s usually a fairly good chance of being surprised and chased by a T-Rex when taking wedding pictures!

Courtesy Quinn Miller

Now it’s time to take this post to fifth gear, just as long as nobody leans back on the stick shift…