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The Sound of Returning to Yellowstone

Movie and TV soundtracks are a musical art form reliant on imaginative pressure points and successful through emotional connection. Somewhere between the macro and the micro of the sound is the sweet spot of where we find ourselves between the intricately placed notes of the composer.

And in the case of the Paramount original series ‘Yellowstone,’ it’s composer Brian Tyler who has created a theme song as unique as the famed western escape.

For me, the ‘Yellowstone’ theme song draws me in by the past of Yellowstone yet I remain for the prospect of exploring a place like Prospector, Utah in the future.

Music Will Never Fall out of Favor With Us

Music is one of the most powerful forces in the world. The right song, lyrics, and sound can inspire us in ways that are–forgive me in advance–impossible to describe. And this motivational dynamic can occur instantaneously from hearing a quick, short succession of notes or words. We recall fond memories, tough times and/or are reminded of a dream we’re in pursuit of via a full, intensely determined sprint.

Ok, enough sneaky wordplay.

Here’s an extended version of the orchestral theme song from the recently released ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’ that, like the film, adds spectacular accents that elevate the song to something bigger and better from the song’s simple yet defining origin.

So who wants to skydive HALO Jump into Paris?

Three Men and a Man Child

There are some nights when we just can’t fall asleep. The cause could be a myriad of reasons, like stress for the upcoming day, nightmares from a movie or anxiety about taking over the most iconic late night show in television history.

All that needs to be said for the video below is that we’re never too old for our teddy bear and a nice, soothing nostalgic sing-a-long from the guys and days of “predictability, the milk man, the paperboy, evening T.V.”

A “Full House” is always the best.


Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a heart (there’s a heart)
A hand to hold on to.
Everywhere you look (everywhere)
There’s a face of somebody who needs you

Now this is worthy of the top-shelf on Throwback Thursday!

Hangin’ Out, Down the Street (Again!)

Apparently, the kids who were always “hangin’ out, down the street” together arranged a piano number this past Tuesday night at a quintessential LA pad to reminisce about those days from about a decade ago in real time and more than 30-40 years ago in sitcom time.

that '70s show

(Topher Grace’s Twitter: “Hangin’ out, down the street….”)

Clearly, the basement was just being renovated or something.

A reunion was groovy enough, but “the gang” decided to take it a few notes further…

The still photo above is evidence, as reported by a few of the former Point Place troublemakers, of a “That ’70s Show” sing-along to, you know…