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Should My New Tattoo Read “Dude” or “Sweet”?

Let me set the scene:

It’s the year 2000…

No, not that video from the year 2000. But this other pop-culture phenomenon appears to be gaining steam (or electrical power, depending on your modern transportation preferences) for a miraculous (a word choice that depends on your definition preferences) in the near future.

If your favorite movies include films like The Pianist, then yeah, you’re probably not going to be particularly excited here…

or maybe you will happy to hear this developing news. Hey, my favorite movies range from Dumb and Dumber to the mind-bending cinematic epics of Christopher Nolan. It’s important not to judge a book by its cover.

Unless that book cover contains the name, “L. Ron Hubbard.”

Either way, any excuse to bring back those Adidas track suits again, we should all be for such a catalyst.

FYI – Seriously Dude, Where’s My Car? needs to happen!


Disco’s Burning (It Up Again)

While most people favor pumpkins and apples this time of year, peaches and an herb sounds much better.

That ’70s Show was crazy good on so many levels, least of which was the music. The 70s was one of the greatest decades for rock music, while also dabbling into the groovy side of a new (at the time) musical genre that still not dare speak its own name out loud (shh, I’m talking about disco). Interestingly, the taping of That ’70s Show my parents and I went to in Los Angeles was the episode in the series that featured a disco burning bonfire.

And yet, when asked to shake their groove things, the cast of That ’70s Show was second to none.

Especially “Rainnnnnbow!”

It’s Friday: You know what to do.

Happy Monday!

That Awkward Engagement: Round 2.

Donna Laura Prepon and Kelso Ashton Kutcher were not only fictional best friends in that famously non-famous Wisconsin suburb of Point Place, but they are best friends in the non-fictional world.

Or so they thought…

Humorously, Laura and Ashton are strikingly similar when it comes to dealing with their real world engagement announcements. As a fan of the late ’90s-early ’00s sitcom about the ’70s, it’s great to see the cast members are still friends after all these years. One can tell if the chemistry on screen is genuine and the friendly back-and-forth between the two was reminiscent of their magic from That ’70s Show.

They’re still hanging out, down the street, just not doing the same old thing that they did last week.

Have an Awesome Week! 

That Special Couple

Tonight’s episode of Two and a Half Men will be a good one.

Actress Mila Kunis (Jackie) will stop by Malibu’s most famous beach house for a television reunion with her former That ’70s Show co-star and love interest Ashton Kutcher (Kelso). Although, since the two are engaged in real life (99.99% sure), her appearance will only constitute a small reunion of sorts. But, for the millions of fans watching at home, it’s very much a big deal.

Below is a clip from That ’70s Show to set-up her guest role on the hit CBS sitcom at 9:00 p.m. ET because of how perfectly it mirrors her real life engagement and pregnancy rumors with Kelso Ashton more than a decade later.

It really will be a “special Men” episode.