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That Star Wars Trailer

Topher Grace, who is best known for his role as Eric Forman in the hit Fox sitcom ‘That ’70s Show,’ is, like his aforementioned character, a major ‘Star Wars’ fan. It’s one of those cases when the real interests and passions of an actor are written into a character. And we all remember how his TV dad Red used to make fun of him for playing with his “dolls,” which provoked Eric’s reaction, “They’re ACTION FIGURES!” Lightsabers and all the rest fell under Red’s wrath.

Well, it turns out Topher Grace has synced with his past TV persona (sans a Luke Skywalker doll action figure) for a ‘Star Wars’ project that’s been 42 years in the making. And the final edit that was recently released online is quite entertaining and impressive.

Ladies and gentlemen, here’s the text of Topher Grace’s tweet that he used to introduce his ultimate ‘Star Wars’ movie trailer titled ‘Star Wars: Always.’

10 movies. 2 nerds. 1 weekend (when our wives were out of town). Enjoy…

As a former video editor, it must be stated how painstakingly impressive ‘Star Wars: Always’ is in its final version. Just awesome! Again, specific scenes from 10 different films from the ‘Star Wars’ cinematic universe were chosen for a pop culture hit. One thing that is clear from this crazy good edit, which is that Topher Grace needs to be made a Stormtrooper in one of the live-action ‘Star Wars’ films in the future.

P.S. Topher Grace forgot to insert one pivotal scene into ‘Star Wars: Always.’ 


Happy Monday

There’s such a thing as comfort food. There’s such a thing as getting out of our comfort zone.

Well, there’s also such a thing as comfort nostalgia.

When things don’t go as planned, it can be a very trying experience to wrap one’s head around the situation. What? Why did this have to happen? I absolutely should have done that instead! What now…? And, as all of these questions (and more) are bouncing around your head without warning or resolution, reflect back and attempt to inject just a tiny bit of humor to temporarily break the ever-revolving thinking and analysis.

Worth a shot.

Any follower of this blog knows that That ’70s Show is a favorite at Jimmy’s Daily Planet. I’ve also always personally related to Kelso…that’s a joke, ladies and gentlemen. Eric Forman/Me: You’re up.

(I saw a taping of That ’70s Show after Topher Grace left and a couple of people who worked on the show walked by afterwards, saw me and said, “Hey, doesn’t he look like Topher?”).

*The specific backstory or conversation of the following scene is irrelevant, but rather that sometimes we need to realize that when things don’t go the way we expect or want, we just need to deal with it…sometimes in unorthodox ways.  

This moment is partly why we love (and need) sitcoms.

Have a Better Week than Last Week. 

Disco’s Burning (It Up Again)

While most people favor pumpkins and apples this time of year, peaches and an herb sounds much better.

That ’70s Show was crazy good on so many levels, least of which was the music. The 70s was one of the greatest decades for rock music, while also dabbling into the groovy side of a new (at the time) musical genre that still not dare speak its own name out loud (shh, I’m talking about disco). Interestingly, the taping of That ’70s Show my parents and I went to in Los Angeles was the episode in the series that featured a disco burning bonfire.

And yet, when asked to shake their groove things, the cast of That ’70s Show was second to none.

Especially “Rainnnnnbow!”

It’s Friday: You know what to do.

Happy Monday!

How excited were you to wake up early this morning?

Generally, Monday is a slightly tougher day than the rest because we’re adjusting back to the workweek schedule and outlining our responsibilities for the next few days. We all feel it, especially when that first alarm sounds from our phones or clocks (old school).

What can be done? While Carter Duryea cannot bring the weekend back or fast-forward to the upcoming weekend, he can give us all the pep talk we need to hear.

What’s the word?

I’m psyched!

And after work, I’m ready to hang out, down the street and do the same old thing that I did last week.

Have an Inspired Week!