Happy Monday

There’s such a thing as comfort food. There’s such a thing as getting out of our comfort zone.

Well, there’s also such a thing as comfort nostalgia.

When things don’t go as planned, it can be a very trying experience to wrap one’s head around the situation. What? Why did this have to happen? I absolutely should have done that instead! What now…? And, as all of these questions (and more) are bouncing around your head without warning or resolution, reflect back and attempt to inject just a tiny bit of humor to temporarily break the ever-revolving thinking and analysis.

Worth a shot.

Any follower of this blog knows that That ’70s Show is a favorite at Jimmy’s Daily Planet. I’ve also always personally related to Kelso…that’s a joke, ladies and gentlemen. Eric Forman/Me: You’re up.

(I saw a taping of That ’70s Show after Topher Grace left and a couple of people who worked on the show walked by afterwards, saw me and said, “Hey, doesn’t he look like Topher?”).

*The specific backstory or conversation of the following scene is irrelevant, but rather that sometimes we need to realize that when things don’t go the way we expect or want, we just need to deal with it…sometimes in unorthodox ways.  

This moment is partly why we love (and need) sitcoms.

Have a Better Week than Last Week. 


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