Daily Archives: December 14, 2016

Christopher Nolan’s Epic (Cinematic) War Takes Shape

The first full trailer for THE movie of this summer has arrived…

In a word: Dunkirk.

Director and screenwriter Christopher Nolan and BFF soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer appear ready to deliver yet another cinematic epic. The ticking clock at the beginning of the trailer and the ominous heartbeat at the end of the trailer signals an unrelentingly gritty war movie with just the slightest bit of hope barely visible in a living hell that will require the ultimate sacrifice, courage and cleverness to merely survive through the greatest obstacles of the body and the mind.

Welcome to Christopher Nolan’s first war movie: Stunning visuals rooted in realism, practical effects galore, brilliant writing with twists-and-turns and a supreme cast with the underrated wild card (cough cough Harry Styles). And being a film by Mr. Nolan, rest assured that there will a mind-bending aspect attached. How or what will it be?

As the cinema fan Christopher Nolan himself would say, “That’s why we go to the movies…to experience a film that connects with us on a deeply curious and enlightening level.”

And experience Dunkirk I will.