Daily Archives: December 15, 2016

RIP Alan Thicke

One of America’s fathers has died.

Alan Thicke, most well-known for his role as TV dad Jason Seaver on the mid ’80s and early ’90s sitcom Growing Pains, died recently. For those of us who grew up on those special sitcoms that centered on the family and difficult issues are reflecting and grieving like we lost someone beyond an actor on a show we watched.

Alan Thicke had a place in our hearts that inspired goodness.

The following interview clip offers a little insight into Mr. Thicke’s feeling on his famous role and sitcom, including the creative process that madeĀ Growing Pains such a hit with fresh concepts and story lines.

While we’re enduring pain today, Alan Thicke (through Jason Seaver) helped us grow into good, decent people.

RIP Alan Thicke.