It’s a Wonderful…Friendship

Christmas and It’s a Wonderful Life go together like America and apple pie. Now add in a friendly bond that spans 7-decades and your understanding of the holiday spirit may very well be redefined in a great way.

It’s a Wonderful Life has its ideal combination of rough moments and endearing moments, which is a magical formula in Hollywood and in real life. Maybe this is why the black and white film is so beloved seventy years after its theatrical release in the era of Blu-ray? This film, a favorite among many for countless different reasons, proves that new isn’t always better and that we must remember that the past is not always so distant.

That sentiment is certainly the case with the children from It’s a Wonderful Life. A recent sit-down on the Today Show illustrates and confirms one of our hopes with any movie: That the cast really did get along and that there was/is a special bond between the actors and actresses.

Listen carefully for any bells ringing…

Merry Christmas!


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