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When I Heard, I Just Said No

America’s Lady in Red is back with her Ronnie.

Nancy Reagan passed away yesterday at the towering age of 94.

First Lady Nancy Reagan was just that in so many ways. People first looked to Mrs. Reagan as a personification of grace, intelligence, class and style. She was a one-of-a-kind First Lady of the United States of America. Nancy Reagan will be remembered for her love and devotion to her husband, the conservative cause and for epitomizing what the First Lady should exemplify. Far too often we are forced to look to movies for showcasing the best of a modern American president and first family (Independence Day, Air Force One), but Nancy and Ronald Reagan (former actors themselves) turned that perception into a lasting reality.

They were positive, optimistic role models for people (in and out of politics alike).

The Reagan''s Celebrate Their 50th Anniversary

(Photo courtesy Ronald Reagan Presidental Library/Getty Images)

Nancy Reagan was surely shocked at the state of vulgarity, lack of civility and absence of optimism in the current race for president. Hopefully, this picture and many others of Nancy Reagan with her husband will send the exact right (and necessary) shock waves to voters of what a first family of the United States should personify.

Republicans loved and idolized her, but so did Americans of varying political stripes. Let’s hope (and pray) people’s memories of her and her husband from a more civilized era can be the wild card of this political season that reveals an inspiring third act, showing the best of who we are for moving into an uncertain future.

If the past 24 hours are any indication, Americans are just saying yes to Nancy Reagan’s loving, elegant legacy.

RIP Nancy Reagan.

Something From Nothing

“We don’t like him/her/them.”

This pretty much (though not entirely) sums up the 2014 midterm election messaging strategy from both Republicans and Democrats. That, and the convenient amnesia of whether Democrats voted for President Obama and the audacious weight that comes with asking such a prying, personal and Constitution-violating question (at least in Kentucky…apparently). The conventional statistical analysis currently points towards the Republicans gaining the majority in the Senate, improving their legislative power and influence. It would be, undoubtedly, a partial result of the relentless incompetence of President Obama and his administration and the continuous stream of national scandals and terrible foreign policy decisions (Romney…Romney), plus the current Senatorial gridlock led by Sen. Harry Reid. However, it would potentially be achieved without any clear, inspirational policy initiatives for the 21st century American worker: employed, unemployed and underemployed. This is a major problem, but also the key opportunity for 2016 and the 21st century from a governing standpoint. The political party that can develop, articulate, implement and defend broad and specific economic policies for the ever-changing globalized economy in a “turn-of the-century” kind of way that proves compatible with the many challenges facing white and blue collar workers today and tomorrow will take the future.

It’s really that simple. Be true to your convictions and do so with intelligence, purpose, composure and sympathetic awareness.

That will, in a macro sense, be the 2016 election (well, should be). Which candidate and political party can produce the most competent, innovative yet simple, inspiring and inviting economic message for a second American century? Whoever it is, this person will be sitting in The White House in January of 2017.

Returning back to the 2014 midterm election today, many of whom have declared it the “Seinfeld election,” as it’s basically about nothing with regards to specific policies and the consequences of these invisible policies. But that can only be partly true because the Senate will likely flip control, indicating it’s at least about something/someone.

Although, Seinfeld was a brilliant television show with engaging characters, talented actors and a surprisingly original, intelligent premise that endured and happily entertained and satisfied its audience for nearly a decade (not counting syndication).

On second thought, maybe this isn’t the “Seinfeld election” after all. What the country wouldn’t give for a dramatically energetic Kramer entrance right about now, declaring the next wildly imaginative invention to solve the world’s problems.

That would really be something.

A Rhetorical Abstention from Reality

Here is a brief recap of President Obama’s State of the Union speech from last night:

No serious proposal for opportunity-centric tax reform to help the middle class and low-wage earners
No legitimate solutions that would help those living in poverty move up into the middle class, far above the poverty line
No hints of genuine bipartisanship
No fresh, new vision for a country hurting in a stagnant economy exacerbated by his policies
No debate or reconsideration/adjustment at all on climate science-related policies, even though Europe (of all places) is scaling back funding for such projects and the fact that scientists are progressively suggesting a mini-Ice Age may be upon us (the Polar Vortex, anyone?)
No mention of the debt
No mention of excessive government spending
No reexamination or humble remarks regarding Obamacare as he refuses to even entertain suggestions dealing with structural changes from Republicans, despite his nearly 20 executive orders/delays for the law
No new, innovative plans for the energy sector that would produce jobs and energy now

Nope, nothing.

And President Obama and the media calls the Republican Party the “Party of No”?

A Super Identity

Today is a special occasion for Jimmy’s Daily Planet: The Superman of Blogs.

This afternoon, I will order my new license plate and it will stand for “Truth, Justice and the American Way.”

I am proud to announce that my home state of Ohio, where Superman was created eighty years ago in a community outside Cleveland by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, has officially released a Superman-themed license plate to the public!

(Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)

(Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)

This is an absolutely amazing achievement and it reveals what a treasured and iconic superhero Superman remains to this day. This legislative success cements that Superman has flown not only into our hearts and imaginations, but also into our daily lives outside of the glistening city of Metropolis.

This outstanding accomplishment was the result of bipartisan work by State Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) and Ohio Senator Tom Patton (R-Strongsville).

This bipartisan partnership is definitive proof of the greatness that can transpire when Democrats and Republicans work together.

Talk about a super job we can all celebrate.

Thank You!